Let go things.

February 11, 2013

Pulling back myself. Pulling back my heart. From the past. From the things that keep buggering inside my head. From the things that I fail to let go.

Stalking had been one of my solid reason for me to forget something. To let go things. To forget. To move one. To spare the heart for anyone else. Not for someone in the past.

Well exactly I'm talking about the heart. I am a type of person. Idk every woman had these kind of weirdo syndrome. But I had these sides of me.  I am too attached. To anything. Anything that I used to like and love. Too attached. Even they walk away. Still the heart is clinging on the past.

Now. I know I need to say bye to the past. What is past should be past. I need to keep moving on. Spare the heart for someone else yang dah Allah tulis di Luh Mahfuz.

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