February 25, 2013

Anis Najwa Nazari. 

Berbahagialah Najwa. Don't ever waste you tears on someone who don't really appreciate you in their life. 
Allah tak uji kalau tak mampu. Value on how others treat you and reflect upon yourself. 
Jangan menunding jari pada orang lain , kerana pada masa yang sama 4 jari tunding diri sendiri. 

Why I am supposed to cry .
Why I am supposed to feel betrayed.
Why I am supposed to feel these things. 
For someone who don't really value me inside their life.

For each thing that we do, there were strong reasons behind it. 
Whatever the reason is, thanks because I've been realizing lots of things. The day I figured everything that you've had been deceiving me these days. This is a cycle of life.  I learn to accept the reality that I've been in a wonderful play of you. You denied them so well but in reality you were different.

Not anyone's fault. Its just me. 

Senyumlah :') walau payah.

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