Batchday !

November 07, 2014

I was supposed to sleep since we're going to London tomorrow at 10.15 am. My first #NajwaMusafir ( kah kah motipnya tajuk , lols travelog - travel sounds cliche , so I guess , #NajwaMusafir should sounds nice ) but it happened that its 7th of November ! * pop the fireworks. * and its batch dayyyy ! yeayyy ! 

( sambil play lagu Memori Tercipta Shila Amzah ) 

Meskipun dah dua puluh , despite dah miles away jauh dari bumi Malaysia , jauh dari bumi Selandar , despite lepas ni tinggal satu je generasi yang kitaorang kenal dekat Selandar , I guess , memang aku tak pernah move on . Taktahulah okay ke tak sebenarnya ni tak move on , but since it doesn't show any harm , I guess , I just carved a home for Machinants in my heart . ( the melted cheeses on top of the pizza feelings )

I don't know but I just love the batch. The people , the past , the presents seems close to my heart. So close. It was days ago when I reminisce how 'bad' we could be in the past with a best friend of mine and watching us both grow up and learn from the past mistakes , I guess those feelings are lovable. Because we both signify the changes in our life , for being able to spur what the heart feels , to have the 'ease' feelings when we gathered , cherishing the moments without the feeling of being judged , I guess I had that all kind of pleasant feeling when I'm around my Machinants. 

I must say that I personally only knows some people , only by their nicknames and overtimes having troubles remembering their actual name , or now sebab dah bertambah garis penuaan , hardly recall the 164's faces , still , when it comes to uttering " Machinants " , terus snappp ! Hati rasa macam sayang , bangga , sedih , terharu , rindu semua in combo ! 


Even dekat Cardiff ( since one of my batchmate is here and we rarely meet each other since he's in the business school ) , kenkadang tu bila nampak dia , dia punya excited macam jumpa whole machinants. Eheee tipunya statement sister ! haha takdelah that kind of excited , tapi rasa macam " Eh haii machinants " hahaha apa motip pun tak paham. 

K motip dia rindu je. 2007 - 2011 , written down ,  7th November 2014

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