Fall into places.

November 22, 2014

 I guess weekend , before Subuh is always the best time to rant on and reflect though I might question myself why I am awake at this hour. I dedicate my weekend for myself , myself considers blogging - and self treating ( though making yourself in debt with sleeping , is not a good kind of treat but nayyl ( read ; nail ) it. haha. )

By the way , Its been my TWO MONTHS here in United Kingdom !

Tadi pergi stalk instagram orang lepas penat buat tutorial contract. Lols I even allow myself to talk about this thing again. Its like supeeeeeeeeeeeeeer a lot I can't even brain why , its only an hour class and my answers for only two questions are like 14 15 pages. Maybe sebab masuk sekali tulisan cakar kambing haha. Okay back to stalking instagram . Pastu nampaklah some people deleted old pictures which yeah kinda cool je remove past pictures ( mende cool najwa mendeee ) haha. And I decided to remove some of the pictures in my instagram account. 

After filtering , tak mampu nak delete banyak pun sebab menitik beratkan personality diri sendiri yang selalu suka reflect on past and naturally loving history ( ini doubtful sikit , shubhah miahaha ) . 

And yeah bila dah scroll gambar gambar lama , its like the fold of memories , with hopes ( because I usually prefer long captions because I am no good with deep pictures that tell its own stories. ) dengan hashtag bagai semua seperti #CardiffUniversity #AlevelsResult #Cuaks soon and it was like 40 weeks ago , and finally here I am in Cardiff , reading law. Seeing how things fall into places ( aligned to what I hope , what I dream off , what I feared off ) , I guess tons of alhamdulillah would never express my gratitude dekat Allah yang ease through everything. 


hasil stalk diri sendiri miahahahhahha.

Like finishing Alevels yang rasa sama , having the same kind of packing pictures every semester , finally completed with the last packing in semester four , ups and downs receiving the semester results , the emotion dealing with packed trial exams , then the days hadap buku laptop two four seven ( bahahahahhaha nak study siap ambik gambar dulu , mau kena hempuk diri sendiri haha ) - pastu Alevels habis , then the BTN part , and the processes from A to Z for the university application , missing some parts ( pictures to be specific ) masa down gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa result pending ( I am in no mood to capture that moment ) and tadadada kita pendekkanlah cerita ni haha dah kat sini. Lols !

iols busy sikit sekarang haha. ( picture take at the National Museum , London )

Hah camtu je conclusion kau? 

Nayy. Nope nope. 

Sebenarnyalah kan , bila go through balik benda tu , at the moment lets just say masa tu post gambar Mood Trials , bersama muka yang sememeh dan sedih , I just don't know would I be able to go through trials ni? And like months after , keluar result with caption Alhamdulillah , worth the while semua. Like seriously we never know whether we're capable of doing it at that moment , tapi bila kita flip back the timeline , you just know ,

you've make it ! * pat bahu *

Flying off to United Kingdom is kind of a big project / change / route within myself. Sebab the fact I am older and I noticed stuff and realized I have a responsibility and it it involves efforts with countless of hopes and dreams as everything is not certain . Because semesters exam tak bagi kesan pada gred akhir and you yourself know , its not easy. Never easy. And kalau nak dihitung balik how the journey goes to get a picture of Malaysia Airlines punya ticket ( nak insta punya pasal bahaha ) , sumpahlah tak senang , naik turun KL gaya KL Melaka sekangkang semut. Because dinosours might be as big as Malaysia bahahahaha hiperbola kenapa. 

Tapi everything ( melihat dari sudut pandang sekarang - memandang hari hari yang lepas ) do fall into places and Allah did ease me through the uncertain route. Finally rasa macam jalan dalam fridge hari hari , setelah hari hari panaih-gila-shah-alam-apakah dilalui dengan penuh tabah , hari hari bas-intec-hanya-berhenti-dekat-Petronas-kat-luar-kena-jalan-masuk-akasia-mengapaaaaa , now kat Cardiff naik bas pun tak reti , sebab hari hari orang jalan kaki. hahah. I don't know but a 30 minute walk is considered worth walking. And kira dah macam normal kind of walk. Kot. Sebab sejuk semua. Namun begitu , my dreams to be in a cold weather everyday , now is not a dream anymore , and kadang tu excited macam beruk bila nampak matahari panas , mengeluarkan haba. Haha because overtimes the sun shines with no heat , Yu got meyh? Tambah dengan my skin got so dry , I guess my skin is not a cold weather tolerant , guane nak kahwin mat salleh ni?

Nayyy I was kidding I prefer Malays. Malay guys. ey. 

And that makes me ponder , kira macam sekarang en , my biggest concerns ( est with many concernS ) are my law degree and my in the making of solehah excellent caliph daughter wife to be eyy ( its like shooting a bird with one arrow ) mondo peribahasa awak najwa. And for now , this might seems hard and I am having this war inside me whether I am capable to do this here , lasting for three years here ? 

I hope one day , I'll look back and did say , " Alhamdulillah , everything FALLS INTO PLACES "


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