The Skin and I

I am not usually this concern well not really but then since my skin [ focus on the face part ] started to get so dry because of the weather , well dry alone shall be fine since I hate it to be oily however the skin started to peel off like the snake's skin and I isz very sad.

There's this one day I felt so dizzy and I apply my minyak angin at my side forehead hahahaahah silalah bayangkan kat mana and its like burning and the next morning I saw it actually burn the skin and once again I isz sad.

Taktahu cemanaaaaa nak buat ni. I bought a skin care from body shop , I don't know if the reaction I am facing now is considered as normal as the beginner but then I am scared that it gets worse than this.

there goes my sad story between me and my ( face ) skin.


Anonymous said...

Kak anis, boleh tak akak buat post pasal memula akak settle down in cardiff. Like how much stuff did you bring (checklist). Where to get winter coats, boots and etc :)

Anis Najwa Nazari said...

sure, gimme some time okayy anonymous ! will up on the blog ( soon ) I hope aha. :)