Kota London dan kenangan

November 14, 2014

So I invented a travel diary well I named it #TheAnisNajwaMusafir , I've thought about it for quite sometime , travel log - travel diary - '' adventure sounds too common , so I decided to go with #TheAnisNajwaMusafir ( I should put up a column here later for that )

Truth to be told , I enjoyed being at home more than travelling but since I am here , to say no to travelling sounds er irrelevant? Because nanti kalau insyaAllah jadi nenek nenek nanti , my grandchildren might ask me , " Dulu nenda belajar UK kan? Travel pergi mana je? " WOULD I DARE TO EVEN SAY , " Nayy nenda travel back and forth dari pintu bilik rumah nenda ke dapur everyday " NO ! I don't want to be that lameeeee ~ ~

So there you go , my very first destination outside Wales - outside Cardiff to be specific ; London !

The original plan is just to follow my housemate who're meeting her father ( sebab ayah dia travel pi Istanbul and stop by London to pay us a visit and bagi barang barang kiriman dari Malaysia ).

I'm not really in the mood of writing - but I want to write this thing down since rasa kalau tangguh nanti lupa adventure details sepanjang bermusafir lols. Haha. So lets start !

We went to London ( we consist of seven / eight people from Cardiff and Aberyswyth ) by bus. And system dekat sini unlike Malaysia yang ada fix rate of harga tiket bas tak kira beli lambat atau awal , sini lagi awal kita beli , insyaAllah dapat lagi murah. Dia serupa tiket kapal terbang aaa jugak. So we got the ticket ( pergi balik naik Megabus ) for 12 pound. One trip - 6.00 pound. Cheap isn't it? Well for 4 hours of journey I considered that to be , cheap yeah. Well masa pergi tu naik double decker , I guess I am never a big fan of double decker bus , pening nak muntah semua ada , I slept all the way from Cardiff to London since its suffocating ( the seat was freaking small and my short legs cant really move sobs and I sat beside a stranger ) .

it was a small degree of torture for me ! * sampai scheduled planned trip ke Scotland this December tukar plan naik flight instead of seven hours of bus journey *

Sampai sampai London dalam pukul 2.00 camtu , we stayed at a hotel beside Malaysian Hall ( takdelah beside sangat tapi a walking distance aaa ) , we went to the Malaysian Hall first for lunch. Sampai sekarang rasa yang best place I would ever remember and would definitely sanggup redah 4 hours back and forth is the MALAYSIAN HALL ! To be specific is the canteen deng ! haha. Tak boleh nak bayang rasa homie bila nampak nasi campur , asam pedas ikan pari ( woa ) ikan keli ( woaa ) and all kinds of malaysian foods ! ( woaaaa panjang panjang ) . Belum kira dapat air sirap sejuk ( woaaa dua harakat ) . Belum masuk lagi keadaan sekeliling bersama Malaysian , seriously rasa macam dekat kedai Malaysia . You can't help but to feel at ease to be there. Mana jauh kena campak pun , there's always an ease feeling to be close to someone from your country ( I dont know if I am an into-country-verted person haha but I feel at ease ! )

And the hotel was splendid ! its just nice . Lagipun dari Jumaat ke Ahad , dekat hotel cuma untuk solat - rehat kejap - keluar balik - tidur malam . Jumaat tu we spent our time at the Oxford Street. Syorga shopping ! haha. I was fascinated sebab dekat Cardiff  , after 6 camtu dah senyap lagi lagi dekat my are ( Cathays Terrace ) ni - dekat Oxford Street , it was like soooooooooooooooooo busy I tell you. Yeah I jakun serious. Hahah they even started their Christmas mode ( maybe jugak I stayed quite far from the city centre , that I never know how the city looked like after 6 ) . The first day I bought a set of facial care from Body Shop , its not that I don't find one in Cardiff , its because pagi tu my friend tegur my face mengelupas and I was like blergh no. So I did ( finally ) bought a set of facial care for only.... 30 pound hahahahahha kalau convert ringgit , mau nangis 150++ terbang haha.

Nothing much happen on the Friday night , we went to Khan restaurant ( makanan middle east , and as usual , its just don't fit my appetite ) , Cardiff offered wide range of same kind of foods and its not my liking I am just too picky I don't know. Before that , I sat a one of the bench along the road at the Oxford Street while waiting for the group , I only shop in a very short period of time and the excitement fades away once I got what I want ahaha. Memang takde kerja duduk freezing tengah tengah kota London yang sibuk. Aicewahs haha.

The next day , we went to various places ! with one day pass ( for the tube ) , deng this was challenging part 1. But wait , lets list down the places I went to first. I went to ( ready the firework sound ) haha. - The London Eye ( or Eye of London ) haha. - The Big Ben - The London Bridge ( is falling down singing mode ) - China Town - Oxford Street - Buckingham Palace - Palace near the London Bridge - Trafalgar Square ( sorry can't help to recall many of them ) . Well this places requires you to travel from one place to another. I don't know but London is quite busy this weekend with a memorial day where they wear poppy flowers ( the red colour ) and I assume it like Hari Pahlawan . There's this one time we need to like redah a jalan yang sangat sempit with thousand of people .

I'm back - after leaving this post hanging for two days ...

Well basically , London is the first place I spent my weekend away from home. And there's this one random days when I was on the phone with my mum ( triggered by the fact that my housemate make a set of pictures hanged on the wall with the decorations. ) , I decided to ,


How even that sounds possible? I always thought it was never fair for those people who've been supporting me all these while wouldn't be able to experience what I currently experience like the cold weather and stuff. My mum can randomly whine at me and says its a tiring day plus its so hot back in Malaysia ( when I am enjoying / tortured by the cold weather here ) luls. 

So , I printed out a family photo in an A4 size and laminate it . Masa awal awal tu ingat nak print on a glossy paper je and that's it , but thinking that I am going to spend my time here ( travelling more insyaAllah ) so the small plan changed , I guess kalau laminate lagi tahan lama kot. Kot. haha. and its kinda easier to put them in any kind of place sebab keras and tahan. Lols. Haha. And I had planned this for two / a week before the trip and I kept it as a secret ( I rarely kept any secrets from my mum , well even to the extent of sharing pictures yang aku ambik dekat sini or even any kind of mails I receive , sebab my google account is kinda connected to my mom's phone - obviously I don't do the logging out part , in one way , she knows almost every single thing happening in my life , I never want my family to be left out despite the distance keeping us apart ) 

The first picture taken with my family photo was at the Oxford Street . I cried when I took those pictures ( nay my housemates took the photo lols thanks for having me and my family in your cameras ) haha. Sebab finally , its like bringing your family here ! Dulu ibu selalu cakap ;

The siblings : Ibu nak pergi mana? ( soalan wajib bila tengok ibu siap siap cantik cantik )
Ibu : Nak pergi London .

and obviously my mom repeat it for thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand times. And there's this one day ibu cakap 

Ibu : Dulu selalu cakap nak pergi London , ada jugak anak ibu yang akan pergi sana ( which I am , alhamdulillah already here :') ) 

I know it seems unfair gak tak boleh nak masukkan the people who've been such a great help ( behind the scene ) , like my atuk nenek ( both side ibu ayah ) , my acik acik , my pakcik makcik and all. Just so you know , if you're reading this line , you guys exist in the pictures , its just that , only the heart sees it because kalian semua dalam hati , aicewahssssss ( berguling atas marshmellows ) 

I sent those pictures before Google automatically back up the pictures. And ibu short reply touched my heart " Terima kasih ingat ibu , ingat semua sekali " 

So yeah , lepas ni , my travelling pictures would include them as well :) 


Balik dari London was a short tough journey , memang takkan lupa aaa lambat , rush naik tube , lari dengan Stitch kat tangan bersama beg tarik. I cry. Haha. Bila tulis balik rasa macam kelakar adventure habis hari tu , dengan nak kejar bas semua , aku yang selalu tenang ni jadi tidak tenang kah kah. Nayy. Alhamdulillah. 

Despite the wonderful challenging short weekend getaway , I personally feel grateful sebab Allah definite- kan answer by making Cardiff as my place to study / live for 3 years even aku tak pernah certain dengan choice tu , and even banyak kali mintak kat Allah , ( masa Alevels dulu ) , If I get good grades for Alevels I would go for adjustment ( for uni's in London - centre London ) , and it turned out yang Allah betul betul bagi 13 out of 15 points for Alevels which cukup cukup requirement Cardiff and tak lepas pun nak buat adjustment semua . I am so grateful Allah sets things up like that sebab only after a few days in London , deep down I know I could not stand a hectic city. Its meant to be only a weekend visit. And it strengthen my stand yang Cardiff tempat yang paling baik dari Allah :')

Now , picture time !!!

semua sebelum berangkat ni ! haha

Big Ben with family checked.

the bus from cardiff to London - loya pening in combo T.T

we stayed here , sebelah Malaysian Hall. Its veryyy nice here. 

motif gambar ; Teksi promote tourism Malaysia. The busses pun ada promote ni !

everything here is so sedapssss with many s sedaps. 

nasi campur I cry , udang sambal bersama ekor dan kepala , asam pedas ikan pari . Cry lagi.

Eye of London ( ke London Eyes taktahu aaa ) hahah ,checked !

Nasuha always want to be in the camera with me, so iLayan. haha

The Big Bennnnn.

travelling partners ! Mumtaz , Nabilah , Aishah. 

poppy flowers and the castle. Pagi nampak benda ni dalam berita , tengahari ada kat sini ehee. Ramaaaainyaaaa orang masyaAllah !

checked !

gambar tidak mengikut turutan , ini merupaakan antara gambar pertama yang diambil bersama family di sini.

time ni baru lepas makan dekat restoran malaysia Rasa Sayang pastu tengah sakit perut lols , makanya tengok dari luar je , malas nak masuk. 

Elsa , Anna , dan long lost sisters , Annazari ahhahahahhahambar sangat !

decorations dalam Harrods. Harrods tempat shopping curlass gituu dekat sini , jadi masuk pun seram sejuks iols. 

pictures taken depan Buckingham Palace. Tugu ni ada nama , lupa ! Victoria something.

Nasuha again. hahaha. Hipstur dia sekarang. Oh by the way , she's in Essex now. aww aww. 

I am glad I wore pink that day , I look bright'er in pictures hahahah.

It was a memorial day on that day , jadi ramai orang kat situ ( caption tak masuk ) haha

my beauty partner ( beauty - fan Beast uppa's hahahahhahaha kpopnyaa )


muka ( sila bagi caption )

The palace !

escalator tinggi , najwa jakun.

The tube. 

the only housemate pictures taken here. haha

I bought thissss ! My Baby Ji. I call him/her , tendency to be a HIM , hahah By Ji ( manja konon tu hhahahahahha bi ji abah mungg haha )

Cerita cinta Najwa dan Ji. 

I bought him at the Disney Store at the Oxford St ( Saturday malam ) . Asalnya dah tengok dia hari Jumaat , it cost me 20 pound , original price was 40 pound.And masa jumaat tu tengok , banyak sangattttt Stitch on the shelves and I was like takpelah , taknak lah. Esok tu datang balik the street , masuk Disney store , nak rasa fancied tengok disney characters ( ahhahaha motipnya ) then I saw Ji alone , sensorang ( Stitch yang banyak banyak semalam dah hilangggg dah kena jual semuanya ) and telinga besar dia tutup mata dia and dia tersorok bawah almari and rasa sedihhhhh sangat tengok dia camtu sensorang , and I guess , we're meant to be together because its the last piece , without thinking , terussss grab dia and purchase hahahhahahah

Nah satt , video , ada rakam video nah nah !

taken at the Oxford Street Najwa Jakun kbyes haha

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