Sharing Circle - Surah Ar Rahman ( The Beneficent )

November 02, 2014

So I decided to put up this thing here , so as for what we discuss in our sharing circle can be a reminder for the people who happened to read through this post. Sharing good deeds , moga ini memberi saham kebaikan di akhirat. 

I'm writing this based on my view and my perspective , on how I understand the surah itself and how I reflect it through my life. 

If you ever came across a surah with a tons of repetition of this phrase 


which means , so which of the favours of Your Lord would you deny? 

 Allah ulang ayat ni for many times , to ask us , to recheck , nikmat Allah mana yang dah kita dustakan. 

Takde? Yakin?

* stop and exhale * question lagi diri sendiri , 

Ada tak nikmat Allah yang diri dah dustakan?



Banyak * nangis *


Favours here simply means blessings and tons of pleasures Allah gave us , from the invisible oxygen for breathing in exchange of carbon dioxide - to foods and drinks , and the shelter - from the family members and even trials for Allah is a blessing in disguise . How?

Because through trials we're able to know what we're capable of.  After all , experience is always the best teacher. 

Kalau tak pernah merasa susah , adakah kita akan bersyukur dengan kesenangan?
Kalau tak pernah merasa sempit , adakah kita akan bersyukur dengan kelapangan? 
Kalau tak pernah merasa sakit , adakah kita akan bersyukur dengan rasa sihat? 

Favours of Your Lord would you deny?

If its directly translated , it means , nikmat Allah mana yang kita dustakan? How can we distinguish the meaning of mendustakan? Lets try an analogy here , 

Allah give us oxygen to breath , can you deny that ? No
Allah give us senses to feel , can you deny that ? No. 

To what extent can you say  I am denying Allah's blessings? Simple. Dengan tidak bersyukur. And for not being able to act like how a mu'min should be. 

Because we only misses the sun as it starts to snow. Like how I miss the sun radiating heat in Malaysia which kalau dulu dekat Malaysia , hari hari merungut panas. Only when I came here , seeing the sun to function as just lights not heat , I started to value , kalau matahari panas , dah boleh dah jemur baju , tak payah susah susah pergi kelas pakai baju hujan , takde tangan nak kebas sebab sejuk sangat. 

See, then you may start questioning yourself , nikmat Allah mana yang kau dah dustakan? Nikmat panasnya Matahari di Malaysia , di dustakan dengan rungutan , tak pernah nak bersyukur dengan adanya Matahari. 

This is one example , simple example. 

Take one second in your life.

Look at your fingers. What happen if your fingers can't function like always? 
Imagine that your eyes couldn't see. 
Imagine that your nose is not detect the smells when the flu started to mess your day


We discuss about our journey planned by Allah , kenapa dekat Cardiff? Kenapa dalam ramai orang Allah pilih kita? 

This journey might fascinates many people outside there. With all the " Untunglah oversea , " " Untunglah belajar luar negara " without even noticing the struggles behind the journey. Nampak nampak dah fly , boleh insta gambar ticket flight. Despite all the ' seems - nice - and - easy - route ' , aku kira ini ujian dan blessing dari Allah , mungkin Allah campak jauh untuk recheck balik base belief. Percaya bukan kerana ikut , percaya sebab kita tahu apa yang kita percaya. 

Moga ini yang terbaik insyaAllah. Moga di sini yang paling baik dari Allah.

Your life , Allah letak dekat Malaysia ke , campak ke bumi USA ke , ke bumi Anbiya ke , is all blessings from Him , . Stop envying someone's else life.  Kalau kita nampak banyaknya nikmat Allah pada seseorang , tak nampakkah nikmat Allah yang Dia bagi dalam hidup kita? Rasa adil tak merungut kata kita takde apa yang dia ada , tak rasa apa yang si polan rasa? Remember , someone might just perceive your life is blessed , much more than theirs. 


Dan start didik diri sendiri untuk selalu bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah. Didik diri sendiri untuk selalu ucap Alhamdulillah , dan insyaAllah Allah tambahkan nikmat pada hamba hamba yang bersyukur. 

Dia janji. 

Jadilah hamba yang sentiasa bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah. 

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