Because you don't how it feels like living this way.

December 28, 2013

Because you're best in saying things , because you've never stand in my shoes.

Well sometimes I don't need the citizens to understand - with all the pessimist look like you-know-you're-being-judged-by-someone-that-claims-they're perfect-enough-for-judgement.

With all the bad words and thoughts. You don't know how much I am trying..

You don't know the pains I've gone through.

You don't know how many times the tears streamed down. You just don't know.

That's why you can badmouth. You can piss someone's else life.You can hurt people indirectly.

At one moment I realized how this world is so cruel.

How a beautiful person can live happily ever after even though she's being plain stupid either by senses or grades.

How people simply judge. Overtimes common sense is not common among the people.

It hurts me so bad. Deep down , I don't know why I am tested this way. But it's a hard living I supposed.

I don't deserve a good life then? I don't deserve to be inside the society then?

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