Brunei and Oh wait , its December !

December 05, 2013

Hey. My last post was on 24th , I thought of writing more on November but yeah time never wait for whom who love to procrastinate like me so yeah. I haven't touch down Semenanjung but I'm currently breathing hectic Malaysia's air. Checked in Miri , Sarawak - a relative of mine place. 

Its rare for me to spend holiday away from my hometown. Apatah lagi naik kapal yang katanya murah  , menerbangkan manusia dengan charge charge yang tersembunyi ? Teheee bunyi dia.  So here I am spending more than a week away . Great getaway with the whole family excluding Aimi and Mu'adz yang jadual tak merge dengan pendidik bangsa.  Nak buat cane yedak? At first me and Nadzmi , my saser hot boy - partially I can say haha were not included into the plan , we're said to be at our grandma's house for a week while others enjoying their 8 days holiday rentas Laut China Selatan . Aku macam okay je , macam takpe je ( this is an annoying tagline ) sebab I could get everything that I want there , free foods , sometimes you got free goods , good companies - yet annoying kiddos and good internet connection with numerous of astro channels + ada laptop ada phone . Inilah kehidupan remaja zaman millenium serba lengkap haha. 

But later my mom changed her mind , maka me and my brother were included , the ticket for both of us was about 780 - same flight with my parents and brother tapi lain booking number. 

So we touched down Miri , Jumaat 29 November. Sabtu masuk Brunei lalu jalan darat , ( its geography lesson now ) since Miri is attached to Brunei and masuk through immigration Sungai Tujuh , Brunei . We went there by a car. There were 6 of us. So Mak Long live there, Brunei. Somewhere in Kilanas . Its my third time being there , first masa darjah tiga kot , next it was two years ago - a benchmark with my fellow prefects and here I am again , 2013 as penggangur yang menunggu masuknya Semester 4 A-level.

Brunei Darussalam ,
Its a very calming city I can say. YOU HARDLY SEE MOTORCYCLE ON THE ROAD. If you do , it'll be Harley Davidson dan rakan rakan seangkataan. Brunei ni negara yang very wealthy - you got to see bungalows everywhere , paling cikai rumah mesti ada aircond berbiji biji , and secikai cikai rumah mampu memiliki 4 ke 5 kereta mewah. Kau mampu? Even my cousin said , population kereta melebihi population manusia di Brunei. Woaaaaah . Here you got to meet people yang sanggup tunjuk kau jalan sampai ke rumah orang yang nak dituju. Very friendly . Very helpful , benda yang memang jarang nak jumpa dekat Malaysia. The cars will stop to let you cross the road without the aids of any traffic lights. Cool huh? At certain miles of the road mesti ada signboard Subhanallah , Alhamdulillah , Allahuakbar. Bandar Seri Begawan , a capital city of Brunei , malam malam kalau jalan situ memang senyap habis , people were home already by 7 . Sebab yelah sana 6 pagi terang . 6 malam maghrib dah. Orang kita , tak kira Maghrib ke apa , bedal je keluar. Lols. 

And one thing that I noticed and yet I am so amazed with is the radio station , jika radio kita ( example Melaka f.m ) sibuk menelefon Cik Jah yang sedang minum kopi di dapur , sibuk beramah mesra bersama Cik Bedah yang ingin menyampaikan lagu pada suami tercinta di ruang tamu , I can tell Brunei got better style of operating it. 

Recently Brunei was the first country that announced they're going to apply hudud .  So through radio , they tell us everything. I say everythingggggggg. On the application on how they're going to do it. On when it'll be applied. And what is hudud is actually all about - and cabang cabang dia. The reason why hudud tu diaplikasikan . SEMUAAAA ADA I TELL YOU. Dia memang macam belajar syariah through radio , and aku amazed gila pakhang sebab y'know why Malaysia whinning all the time saying we're not ready for hudud is because I can say we're lack of knowledge - cakap ikut sedap logik akal dia. And there you go , they're explaining precisely on how they going to apply hudud. Thumbs up. 

Kalau nak cerita tempat menarik ke apa , search engine would be much more reliable dari blog hamba yang usang ini ekekekke. No lah , when you're here , I can say , nothing much you can expect macam duduk Malaysia , nak demand MP DP bersambung dengan Hatten Square , Chow Kitt dan rakan rakan . 

And itulah serba serbi kehidupan kurang seminggu di tanah orang. Betullah , jauh perjalanan , luas permandangan. Perasaan dia tadi bila go thouugh immigration , tengok balik road Malaysia, road negara kita ni hectic , sesak. Sumpah lain . Brunei got a lot of cars on the road , I experienced a night and day drive  - sumpah tenang atas jalan . penduduknya yang hemah memandu. Malaysia , hemahnya ada , cuma biasalah, alah bisa , selalu berbisa je bawak kereta ,maka tegal biasa ( perosak bahasa ye saya ) hahaha. 


Now ITS DECEMBER , * feeling feeling Taylor Swift * 

Angan angan sebelum cuti dulu - saya nak belajar masa cuti semester. Erm macam belum je. Erm macam belum je. haha. So I am going to make it happen at least . Will do. I WILL. 

So far , university updates. I got rejected by both Oxford and LSE. But yeah Allah grant me two conditional offers from Manchester and Cardiff. And for now , insyaAllah dah firm dah pilihan even though I haven't got the answer from Kings. 

So adios bloggie. I left some of our pictures there I guess , down below. 

( nampak sangat malasnya dah sampai - ending post cenonet )

Oh aaa, the reason why we're here is because nak lawat paklong yang sakit , so there is my Pak Long , I rarely meet him , but he knows a lot about me - he knew that I am doing law , and going to UK soon . I just knew that he's an economic graduate from University Of Hull if I'm not wrong. It was back in 1970's woahhh . No wonder there's a lot of economy books in the house. 

The reason why I put this picture is because I COVER MY AYAH UP THERE , cisss semua salah kamera. ahhahahahah. So there you go encik nazari.

The pictures were not synchronize, this picture were taken masa hari Ahad tak silap , ke Isnin , this is kampung air. Kampung atas air. Rumah kayu kayu , kereta yang tersadai semuaaaaa pakat Mercedes , ada tu kereta sporty habis. PFFFT.

This is one of the place that offered you a very great great view, its The Empire ( a golf and country club ) , its open for public to come in and lepak santai. They even have panggung wayang inside here. p ffff t lagi haha. Belakang tu laut China Selatan . Woaaa.

again - The Empire ( baju sama tu ennn hahaha )

I literally baring atas dolphin , I was here a decade ago. When I was 9. With no scarf on my head. haha.

this is mainly to sum things up. That is istana sultan. Yang pokok hijau tu bukan istana, itu kawasan food court area Jerudong Park yang tak pula bukak hari selasa. 

Bak kata sorang abang Filipino kedai food court 
" Jerudong Park ini tidak buka hari dua , hari tiga baru buka " ( read baku )

Hari Tiga - Rabu. I was like geguling with my brother , uttering the line for times and gelak. 

This is somewhere at the mosque di Bandar Seri Begawan. Berminyaksnyews muka. puffff. 

Hey there :D , this is inside the car. Obviously.  You can't tell huh? haha. 

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