The strength delivered.

December 29, 2013

Everything is going to be real now. 

This morning I receive a message with a video from a close senior of mine . My tears streamed down to see a special dedicated wishes from Abang Syafiq and Abang Ejam from LONDON ! I was so so so delighted to see the London Tower Bridge inside the video  ( even selalu nampak dalam google ) . I couldn't expressed it into words , how grateful I am to know such wonderful people in life. 

A minute that makes me realized that this semester is a real battle. A constant focus and achievements. Thanks for the strength delivered. I really appreciate them. I really do. 

Later that I know , I want to deliver strength and hope. Inspire and  constantly inspire. Sebab you know how one small effort could make changes in someone's life , its either sooner or later. But I know that little effort would benefit someone else. Don't be someone who loosen someone's hope , who put people in despair , who make others feel bad about themselves. 

If by talking , your words might pierced , don't talk.
If by looking , your gaze might makes someone feels unpleasant , don't look people with that kind of gaze. 
If by doing , your deed might hurt , think twice before doing anything.

Sadly how common sense is not common in todays society. 

Because I believe world revolve around . You do bad , people will treat you bad later. Kalau balasan dia bukan di dunia  , di akhirat moga pulangan dari Allah setimpal. Anyway I don't want to end things negatively - I sounds negative these days. 

Be someone who cheer someone's up.
Be someone that stays and hear , best to say - can lean on to
Be someone that inspire. 
Be someone that create an upward curve on someone's face.

All In All - Be a good person. When your inside is good. You'll portray good personalities outside. 

Saya juga masih sedang berusaha. 

Part of the video : I mean only the pictures :3

I kept it inside my files - so nanti kalau malas tahap labi labi goreng , so I can play this thing again and get inspired :D

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