Malaysia and mentality ; phone lines and services.

December 10, 2013

I confessed this. Haha

Wasn't the confession was made to hide the confessor? Haha. Naaa I called Maraliner yesterday. I thought that bus stations works everyday since people travel from one place to another everyday especially weekend . Since Kuantan were affected with floods and my sister is going to buy ticket for Christmas holiday ( sounds like I am celebrating Christmas ey haha - no I'm not - I am just enjoying massive of holidays Malaysia offers due to many races exist ehew ) 

So I am a bit pissy on that time when my sister asked me to call the Maraliner since the website is never been updated ; Mungkin HQ KL dia banjir jugak kot ( husnuzhon bersama - sangka baik ) since she's run out of credit and she gave me a sets of number , there's four of them . Kuantan kan banjir , so dia ada laluan yang dia tutup buat sementara waktu - this is what my sister said and yeah , setelah beberapa cubaan mendail dibuat , bukan sahaja laluan ditutup malah phone lines ditutup bersama. 

Memang berangin tambah pissy piss off semua. Kah kah. 

Then I come to conclusion , ini bukan sekali dua kali benda macam ni berlaku. BANYAK KALI. So kenkadang tu macam lali dah pejabat tak angkat call semua. There's one time my Yes internet were really sucks , I paid in advance , had the quota full tapi slow slow siput dia punya service , then I emailed them to fix it , I gave my details such as where I live - the numbers and so on. They replied about 3 days working and they gave me more forms to fill in . Again asking where I live - software and WHAT. Terus hilang selera nak complain - here I am  asking help to upgrade the services that I PAID FOR. Dan selamanya aku menahan rasa nak bukak website itu ini takleh load gaya tak bayar tiga tahun. Wasn't you supposed to record my details in my previous mails?

Lain weh situasi dia kalau email university overseas for example UK . These months I've been constantly update my mails , sending mails because I had a lot of inquiries ; they replied them fast and accurately no matter how silly your question would be , sometimes tu ada yang soalan dia tertinggal , they will reply secepat boleh and says " Sorry I forget to write down about your last question..." . I am so delighted. Gah. 

I just don't know why Malaysia act this way ; Not answering phone calls, not replying mails . I supposed there must be somebody incharge for this kind of matter kan? I mean if you don't , you may hire more people thus reducing the unemployment , just to answer calls and reply mails. Oh is it because the mails / calls come from such kiddos yang umur belum cecah 21 then you considered its not important ? Lots of my friends need to travel to the places just to ask things that can be answered through phone calls. Macam mana nak melahirkan masyarakat berjimat cermat ni. 

I know that answering phone calls never exist in any kind of moral values ( like bertanggungjawab , berkasih sayang ). There are things that can never be taught anywhere. Its call, courtesy. Sensibility. 


As I said , someone's business might be interupted if you do not pick up the calls. I supposed that people grow old , they should be wiser though. But somehow lagi tua lagi liat nak buat benda benda yang orang orang tua kira ' remeh ' seperti berkata Terima kasih , maafkan saya , mahupun mengangkat telefon. 

Vivid example : Every Monday when I come to INTEC , lalu surau , sampah bertaburan di mana mana , belum kira masuk kelas. Dan itu berlaku pada minggu pelajar PJJ ( as far as I am concern - diaorang semua pangkat mak mak ayah ayah yang buat degree only on certain weekends ) . Tidakkah sepatutnya mereka yang lebih tua , lebih faham dimana seharusnya mereka buang sampah , bukan di atas merata jalan , bukan juga di bawah lantai kelas. ITS INSIDE THE BIN. Or kalau bin tu penuh , why can't you bring your rubbish inside a bag or a plastic , bring it home and buang dekat rumah. Benda macam ini pun kena ajar ke eh? 

Older and you lost you sense of being good ( to people , surrounding , nature ) . Why? 

And a friendly note : previously my history lecturer once said , when he emailed the slides to us, at least say noted or thank you . Jangan buat dunno je, dah dapat then buat bodoh. Memanglah hantar mails tak libatkan anyone's money , but then show that you appreciate someone's hard work to give you the slides . Why it's so hard to say thanks? ( replying mails tak pakai duit jugak ) . Benda benda yang menjaga perasaan manusia ni , memang tak ada dalam sylibus , tapi semua ini sense and simple courtesy kot. Takkan nak kena invent subject sense and courtesy kot? Expecting people to respect and appreciate you? You yourself , draw the steps. 

Seriously , grow old and be wiser. 

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