Knowledge and exposure.

December 14, 2013

Lets say : the matter discussed was aurah

Do you ever wonder when you had sufficient idea about it but somebody out there have no idea about it at all? You might feel , whats wrong with these people. Its written inside the Holy Quran . Its known by everyone , you have no doubt but you need to secure you aurah , don't wait for whatsoever cliche statement like ; nak tunggu hidayah Allah , belum sampai seru and that's it - endless . And overtimes when I keep pondering about that , SOMETIMES its not their fault to not know about it, or having pointless arguments against it - because its the exposure of knowledge that matters - when I say education , it does not restricted to schools or any institutions that supposed to give formal education ( read ; whats inside the syllabus )

the motto

It might be , their families had no idea about it. Or they choose to ignore the knowledge exposed . Many of us knows what is Al-Quran , but least of us knows whats inside despite you can read them. By not having the ideas whats tafsir is all about , that can be considered as least exposure. 

Beruntung orang yang hidup , lahir dalam keluarga yang serba kaya dengan ilmunya , I mean there's a path that's been set up for you , what you need to do is just absorbing countless of ilmu baik ilmu dunia ataupun akhirat. 

Time to question ourselves. 

Berapa ramai luar sana yang untungnya tidak berapa nak untung  ; lahir dalam suasana jahiliyyah. Lahir dalam suasana serba tidak mengetahui . Lahir dalam keadaan yang , its hard for them to get exposed. Even we said we all goes to school , exception for some people who don't - still the level of exposure differs. Some school might really have good educators that gave knowledge instead of kept producing robots that'll score A's inside the slip ; because its how they define life ; life is whats stated on your exam slips. I felt that before. 

no matter how much they said it does not determine our worth , sadly its how world works today. They strive , we strive , we thought we know it all - we thought that we're clever enough. But wait , how you're going to apply those things in real life. Its you that matters. The actions. The steps that you'll draw in future. 

STILL , when we had our best surrounding to get exposed with , some of us choose to be ignorant - yang tahu , yang faham tapi tak mengamalkan. Some of us choose knows a lot but sadly failed to differentiate whats good and bad . Some us knows a lot but we choose to critique rather than educates. Most of us knows theoretically how things works but failed to applied in in real life. 

Its really disturbing when I saw a post earlier , a 9 month old baby raped. Its a baby. For God sake. Maybe this kid ( the raper ) had a lot of negative exposure at early age. I feel so sad because later on when I graduates insyaAllah , law works to control the society but seeing whats happening in todays world , even though law works that way , somehow... it can help only to settle what happened after , but fails to stop the crime at first. WHICH we need to educate people. 

I guess the sylibus of Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan should just stop from exposing cliche moral values , instead - give people exposure on things like sensibility , maturity and all. I know its hard because some people might perceive it wrongly. And stop by replacing Sivic classes with other more 'important' classes. ( read ; whats inside the slips )

Educators , especially the young ones - that educates for the sake of money and holiday ( I mean teachers enjoyed the students holiday - meski tak berapa nak enjoy - because my parents are teachers k ) , should give more , educate more on life , sebab tak semua lahir untuk ada sense seperti belas kasihan yang tinggi pada orang lain , sebab tak semua lahir dalam keluarga yang serba mengetahui ,  it can be done through the sylibus kot , I mean your words have the power to change what the world would be in next five to ten years. 

Families , family member could be educators as well ( informal education )  kursus perkahwinan ( I never been into one but I guess since its wajib to all couples yang nak kahwin ) , focus more on kekeluargaan , and how important the system would be , and maybe the concept of ceramah all the time ( kot , correct me if I am wrong - so lazy to google em ) should be changed. Betullah yang agama itu root to settle problems. Oh God how to fix this :'(

I'm kinda lost because it hurts when its easier said than done. No matter how long I write , still , where can I  contribute instead of praying. I mean there must be actions taken. Sakitnya :'(

Ada masa kita perlu pandang dari sudut pandang yang berbeza , agar bisa kita mengerti kehidupan dalam banyak mata. Mungkin dalam mata kita , kehidupan sepatutnya jadi sedemikian rupa , namun pada mata orang lain , kehidupan mereka merupakan kehidupan yang terbaik. So start with yourself , start to look deeper , start to know more , start to understand more , sayang kalau kita cuma mampu melahirkan masyarakat yang cuma tahu melatah ( read ; complain and all ) tapi tak mampu mengubah. 

p/s ; I saw them a lot inside the insta's . Berhenti , grow old and be wiser. We can be the change , we can start to expose the knowledge to others. Kalau kita tak mula, siapa lagi. Kalau dunia sibuk mengharapkan orang lain mula dulu , dan semua orang berfikiran sedemikian rupa , mana titik mula kau nak jumpa?


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