Scolding myself because getting hurt for the same reasons.

The tittle shall be enough.

HA HA stop laa najwa stop.

Last time , during the personality test , someone said to me ; your biggest part that affect you most is .......

I guess. Its a curse. Psychologist ? Or Neurologist heh you?

Soalan masih sama ;

Why bother girl ?

Did you know only you suffered the pain?

Did you know they won't give a damn?

Did you know you'll get hurt at the end?

Then why?

Why you're doing the same thing again?

Why you let yourself fall again?

Why for the same reason?

WHY YOU EVEN TRY ONCE AGAIN? ( orang yang mencuba tu dia taktahu. Ini kau dah tahu kau faham ! ) 


When you know this will happen?

When you know it hurts?

When you know it kills?



its either YES , I don't know. Hmm.

Plain stupid. 

I guess I'll kept scolding myself in future. Because of the same reason. 

banyak masa ; gambar tak akan synchronize dengan post. Chill.

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