June 30, 2017

After reading countless of articles appeared on the timeline relating to depression and anxiety , I kinda figured that I have that overwhelming anxiety mode ( most of the time ) especially when I was interacting with people. But I guess everyone has their anxiety point , like it may not be a very big deal. But I am yet to understand all these mental issues - I respect , sympathy over and trying to understand people with one, maybe because I haven't encountered it myself , so I am taking some time to really understand this big picture. 

But I guess mental health is not something you compare with someone else , like you rate the level of your stress neither depression with someone else by saying things like ' He suffered more than I do , so I should never made a fuss over 'small' matter ' , 

I mean you kinda need to self value and appreciate whatever condition you're in, if its bad its okay to tell yourself that it's bad. Even there's a need to compare with others , not to the extent it harms yourself , just because when you compare it with someone else, your problem seems so tiny. 

I don't know how it works exactly but yea. ( need to do more reading )

Love, the'ann

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