Biskut rangup cornflakes the'ann

June 18, 2017

* tergeliat dengan label sendiri - Cooking with Anis haha * 

It was last week I bet, me and my housemate were chilling on the bed and having this random conversation while waiting for Asar prayer. Then suddenly she was like ' Kita nak pergi Tesco , nak buat kuih raya' , it was the day I walked around Cathays the other day. Hence five to ten minutes after that random talk, we found ourselves strolling in the aisle of Tesco, browsing for baking stuff. 

But we left Tesco with a strawberry truffles on sale - not in plan hahahahha 

I've been wanting to eat the mentioned kuih raya above, its not that I taste it every raya but my mind kinda tells me that I have a fond memories of it, most probably because of Kemahiran Hidup class, because I remembered the recipes is somewhere inside the textbook. 

HAHAHA but I guess one reason why this biscuit , is that I have a 600g box of taking-forever-to-finish-cornflakes haha. Maybe honey cornflakes soon ha-ha. 

My mum did sent me the photos of it but yeah my half smart phone / because half of it is slow with limited storage grrr / , I deleted or transferred the photos and now nowhere to be found. 

I googled keywords 'biskut cornflake' and when I found the name to be biskut cornflake rangup, I add to the keyword 'senang' the easiest way hahahaha and found 1 ( many ) yeaaaaaha. 

The recipe is like 2 cup of all purpose flour, I got it from this blog, thank you akak in case you're reading - May Allah bless you and your family ameeen.  , but I did for 1 cup as we have no proper containers, and I am not so sure myself that it will turn out good since I am no good in baking sweet things.

Now, lets start, Cooking with Anis ! 

Biskut cornflakes rangup 

( I got like what 58-60 pieces of them for 1 cup flour - of uneven sizes of biscuits hahahahhahahahh) 

1/2 of butter - it says that per block is 250 g, so cut them into half 
( put them outside the fridge for like a short time to soften them - cut them in smaller pieces, its science, to make it softer, faster ) , I used Asda butter here, because its obviously cheaper at the price of £0.58 I think. 

1/2 of 3/4 of icing sugar
Don't do the math guys ( I tried calculating for it but its endless since in practice it doesn't make sense on how to measure according to the math WHY DID I DO ALL THE CALCULATIONS HAHA) , use the cup , use the 3/4 cup and measure half of it, but if you don't have those, fret not, put like 3 or 4 spoons of sugar, I am no fan of very sweet things, hence it tasted just nice for me, as in not sweet at all ( according to my housemate zzz ) , you can perhaps add more than this ) 

The small cap of vanilla essence - use its own caps for this, they say not to put more of those or else it turns out bitter, ey?

Then you mix these three ( icing sugar and butter and vanilla essence ) together until they mix well. - I use the mixer , but in case you don't have one, I guess it can be done by your hand - extra effort hu hu.

Meanwhile, use your left hand ( whatever hand you wish which are not occupied at that time hahaha or just stop for seconds kah kah ) to preheat the oven at 170'c 

Now to the next step :

You'll be needing

1 cup of crushed cornflake - what a best way to release your stress, crushing the cornflake, take 1 cup of cornflakes put in a container and crush it roughly with your hand, don't crush it so finely please. 

1 cup of all purpose flour - oh well you can always use normal plain flour but you need to mix with all the baking powder and yeah I am so lazy to do that. 

Put these two things into the icing butter mixture bits by bits , add in little by little , because if you dump everything in one go, it will be very hard for the mixture to mix well 

Then you can start mixing them, I suggest use your hand if you don't have any wooden spatula. I don't know why the recipe says wooden spatula, I tried using this silicone spatula , it works okay at start but I am just so frustrated at the end - hence I wore a plastic bag and mix them with my hand hahahahh its Ramadhan and I'm fasting, hence I reducing the chance of licking my own hand ( can't help ) 

I'm sure the mixture will turn out solid and easy to be moulded according to your liking, make it a starfish, or what lame circles , or triangle shape, now they even have fidget spinner shape biscuit, also can ! The mixture is solid that even after baked, they take the original form of the mould.

Make sure not to mould / shape them too big , make it flatter , so they will be cooked thoroughly, some of my biscuits are not really crunchy because I made them thick and fat. But some turns out, fine. 

Place the moulded biscuits on a baking tray, which you can spread some butter on the tray or a non sticking tray , or even baking paper ( but its not necessary ngeh ) 

Bake them for like 20 minutes like that - don't bother of opening the oven many times, clean up the messes you made, put the flour back into the shelves, clean the utensils you used, clean the cabinets, while doing some zikir ? hihi

VOILAAAAAA ITS DONE AFTER 20 MINUTES, put them outside, let them cool for a little while - so they will be crunchier, let the surrounding help them with the process while you do nothing haha. 

Oh that creamer and cocoa powder belongs to my housemates biscuit, I don't use those 

I used that Ravello tin to place the biscuit - and this image was before I put in the flour and cornflakes

look at those uneven shapes even with the arrangment, sorry OCD's oh yeah I fancy all the things you can put on top - I don't have any cherries or fancy sprinkles, hence a chocolate chip suffice. 

aftermath - and this was like what, 2 hours before breaking our fast at 9.30 hu hu

close up for fancier looks? haha

there you go, on tight budget - use everything you have in the house. No container no problem haha. 

'rasa macam tengah buat business' haha nevertheless berani makan sorang ( and housemates je ) 

I envied people with magical hands that produce wanders of foods, last week I saw an instastory showing some boys living overseas ( names shouldn't be appropriate here haha ) were doing TART NENAS GAISSSS and they looked decent, and here I am, with uneven shapes of biscuits. But I cooked savouries well. eh silent marketing ha-ha. 

But frankly speaking I'm so scared that my future half ( why future HALF anyway, like why HALF haha ) is a sweet tooth , like I don't fancy baking cakes and whatnot , not a sweet tooth person either - ayuhlah ke Secret Recipe heh, or shall I pay my housemates for biscuits and kuih kuih manis ni haha. 

p/s In case you're wondering if these biscuits will be served on raya next week, the answer is a BIG NO, we finished them already haha 

Love, the'ann

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