June 05, 2017

so I have this weird habit ke tak weird pun sebenarnya, of changing the position of the bed. I once googled in the past whether this kind of habit of mine is not good for long term effect ( ie can't stand with one partner for a long time ke hahahhahaha #IamthatweirdandnotcorelatedIknow but there's no certain answers to it, perhaps I wasn't that accurate with the question #helpmepsychologists

And I changed it again, this is perhaps the fifth time this year , this is not about hardwork or whatevs you might think ( like gigihnya dia ni ) but its something I enjoyed doing. Its like testing my mind to be creative with the arrangement. 

Last time when I changed the position of the bed and the study table ( as the cupboard is kinda big and stuck there hewwwww ) I take into account the lighting factor , as in the earlier position, I seems to block my own sight while I study and its no good. 

Then towards my final exam, I moved my bed near the window pane, as I need a place to put my fan and there's a socket near the pane. And one big reason why next to the window pane is that I will feel the force ( and the heat - the light ) from the sun and indirectly forcing me to wake up ( I got a study months guys, so my attachment to my bed is rather high ha ha ha ) and study, or move away from the bed. It works I tell yaaa

But as I finished my degree last two weeks ( I thought it was nine years ago haha ) , and UK's weather seems changing each days, some days I saw the clouds are grey and suddenly comes the bright sun, and sleeping next to the window simply means that you can hear all sorts of things and  combos the light and heat yochhhh !

I thought that THIS IS IT ( the time has come to change the position, to move away from the window yayersz !

Now that I don't really use my study table, its not affecting the decision on the arrangement, I cared more on the bed's position, so here I am in one of the most comfy position , I am going to miss all this , since I can't really change bed position back in my hometown. * miao * 

okay lets sleep now, I have tons of cooking to be done tomorrow. Moga tabah sis.

Love, the'ann

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