June 05, 2017

Half an hour a ago, I sent a message to my dear Khawlah, 

as they are having different affairs tomorrow, sorang dekat London, sorang esok trial untuk internship, sorang last paper, sorang esok buat pulut mangga and sorang MIA mungkin penat shopping haha. And feeling macam mak mak, and I do really see myself growing up through them. 

Aku rasa aku generally manusia yang mungkin self proclaim cared a lot about people, kalau boleh bila nak bercakap dengan orang, moreover yang aku sayang , aku akan try untuk tahu the details of what's happening in their life giving the feelings of somebody really care but recently mungkin that part of me faded and started to disappear. 

And seeing myself back into the familiar track, it feels good. By the way esok last usrah dengan Khawlah, sedih kejap :(

And I was scrolling some old photos few weeks ago, you can really see how I grow up with my fashion sense - mungkin not head to toe but the scarf part. Masa first year I bought tons (tipu tons) but different colours of bawal from Jalan Tar, which I wore them as scarf, my sister do really play a big role in affecting my fashion back then. ( even till today lol ), I trust my mom's and my sister's eyes better than I trust mine haha. 

Second year sebab macam mungkin kaya ( sikit ) ( alhamdulillah ) and instant scarves were one of the hot items in the market ( and they seems to make life easier, pinless , don't need to iron ) , my second year of degree life revolves around all instant haha , my personal favourites ( few of them ) from FISKA , Shah Alam. Pricey but worth it, because up till today I always find myself wearing those instants for classes , for short trip to Lidl . I got myself 3 different universal colour, black, cream and pink. 

Summer 2016, my sister has different sets of bawal , and some I believed known as bawal crepe. They aren't so bright neither glittery, I mean I do prefer bright colours , but taking into account different circumstances - like having different universal colour that matched my clothes. So I bought for myself different colours, in a bigger size. Bawal is a bit renyah to deal with , but these crepes works nicely even if I don't iron them, only those really close to me, or sitting next to me would noticed that hahaha , 

tiada arah pun post ni saja je nak tulis.

Love, the'ann

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