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June 07, 2017

I wonder 

My guts were somehow true and I kinda see myself in her, as I used to be in the same shoes, I was young , and dumb too , driven by the beautiful illusion and the difference is that there was no socmed ( I just knew they use socmed for the lengthy social media haha ) back then and I stopped before it went severe. 

But I pitied her though - I am not sure whether its right or wrong but  I solemnly think that she's in need of help, and in need of something to fill the emptiness she had inside her. 

And its tougher for her now, but to meddle in someone's business might not be a good idea 'and I might sounds like a stalker coming from nowhere, hence I may not cross the line. 

end of thoughts one.

You'll be missed Khawlah 

I had my last usrah with my adik usrah yesterday. 

Prepared for them a farewell gifts but ( berlevel negative on the creativity ) and alongside , there's a two minutes duration of video ( picisan habis , it took me like 4 hours just to put two narrations, a song and captions hahaahhahahah I sacrifices my post-subuh sleep ( read 3.00-8.00 am in the morning ) , went out to the city the next morning to get them these gifts hihi , but nevertheless it was a success alhamdulillah. Aku je kot cakap success haha. 

the preparation haha I really wanted to post this prep things earlier but hey surprise surprise haha

little tokens of appreciation for these wonderful people :)

And I cooked for 12 people for iftar yesterday. And I've been thinking about the menu for like a week, initially I wanted to play safe , sup ayam and sambal tumis ( sounds familiar hehe najwa ) , then I thought it might be too plain so I thought of Nasi Ayam but I was so worried when it comes to flavoured rice in a big quantity so NO NO. 

Then I asked my mum ( should have done this earlier ), after different suggestions, we finally decided , UNGKEP it is ! 

But the thing about this dish is that, I've tried doing it twice, first in my first year, second in my second year but I can say I failed both trials. Because it does not taste and smells the same like the one my grandmother and mom cooked. 

I guess the main reason why so is the missing ketumbar and jintan manis ! ( ke jintan putih ceqq lupa ) and I don't seems to have them in the house #Iiszsad   

Mission success ! 

I randomly text my neighbour and she said she have one. And knocked another neighbours' house as I am in need of jintan putih/halus/manis I am now , officially confused. But alhamdulillah it turns out so well ( I handled the process with extra care, I called my mum like every single time to reconfirm the process , Allah bless you Puan Nurul huhu ) 

there you go !

end of story two - UNGKEP journey

'Kak Najwa garang'

As I was preparing the cekodok, which later condemned by Fatin, 'Kak Najwa cekodok tu pisang yang bawang , cucur ' hahahahahaha #teachmesenpai 

My junior came to kitchen and said ' Actually, kita nak confess sesuatu ' confess NO not now * minyak panas meletup letup* * angin sejuk bertiup sepoi bahasa haha *

'Dulu masa kita baru kenal akak, kita ingat akak garang' - 

sebab akak nampak macam confident , pastu macam tak reti bergaul sangat ( HA HA HA ) , I guess it was a horrible impression I left isn't it. 

Well I can't deny that I am, in a way, a fierce person? err awkward. Its more on the serious ( or should I say grumpy instead ) side when the time comes. I am no good in hiding my grumpy expression guys sorry if you had to encounter one sobs. But most of the time, I mean outside serious business , I am a funny and playful person lol ( this is even awkward to say haha ) . I take things seriously ( most of the time ) ( hence I may look serious two four seven ) 

and since quite a few people came to me and said they had the same first impression I might as well admit I garang orangnya hahahhaha but believe me, I am one helpless sister in my house when it comes to nak kena marah orang because I just can't , I can't even show my anger properly to my sister esp ahahaha and my brothers, I am that one sister that will sit at the corner and shout once for warnings ( and that's it I don't care ) 

Love, the'ann

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