Vlog the'ann - episode 1

Let's just assume the'ann would be my final name for the blog, can't seek for any other cooler names that shows some personal elements to it haha. 

And I decided to do a vlog this morning. I made one in the past, but yeah I am not good with the visuals , need to work on that skills though. Excuse the lighting haha. Its just a simple random sharing about my experience here. ( huhuhuhu for thousand times )

Why episode 1, because I may have the next episode soon. who knows hahaha. 

Side notes : On this day, 18th of June , Anis Najwa, you paid your first zakat fitrah in your whole life. 

 I had this conversation with my adik usrah ( she asked ways to pay zakat in Cardiff ) and she said something about we getting scholarship and whatnot. I mean its not compulsory moreover when your parents paid for you, but I think I should already consider doing zakat isn't it now? 

Love, the'ann

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