Vlog the'ann - episode 1

June 18, 2017

Let's just assume the'ann would be my final name for the blog, can't seek for any other cooler names that shows some personal elements to it haha. 

And I decided to do a vlog this morning. I made one in the past, but yeah I am not good with the visuals , need to work on that skills though. Excuse the lighting haha. Its just a simple random sharing about my experience here. ( huhuhuhu for thousand times )

Why episode 1, because I may have the next episode soon. who knows hahaha. 

Side notes : On this day, 18th of June , Anis Najwa, you paid your first zakat fitrah in your whole life. 

 I had this conversation with my adik usrah ( she asked ways to pay zakat in Cardiff ) and she said something about we getting scholarship and whatnot. I mean its not compulsory moreover when your parents paid for you, but I think I should already consider doing zakat isn't it now? 

Love, the'ann

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