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June 28, 2017

Its been quite a while since my last post, no invitation for the past few days, so we've started our puasa ganti as well as puasa enam in Syawal. 

and its been a while too since I had these butterflies feelings inside me. I am not sure whether the person who approached me so sudden is an answer to my long overdue prayers. Its feels like nayy but it may be too early to conclude. 

whatalife #aherher

O I was about to comment on a status I saw on facebook. A junior of mine posted 'I keep a lot of things to myself' and I was really thinking, don't all of us? I mean we do keep a lot of things to ourselves. No matter how much you choose to share with the world, with other people, you will always have tons of sides you keep to yourself. 

Had a random evening trip to the city yesterday to refund the heels ( oh yeah I'm buying heels nowadays , someone is turning into a woman ehey ! ) and got myself another pair from Clarks, there's summer sale going on in the city, hence why not? Self reward ( as if ) 

Love, the'ann

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