Blessed salmons haha

June 02, 2017

There you go the tittle 


- and I bought 4 of them. Been singing and smiling all day while holding that salmon bones like finally hu hu hu. 

I first know the existence of these meaty salmon bones , was from my kakak usrah. And these bones aren't just bones, they do have all meaty part of it since UK people usually sell salmons in fillets form , so I don't even know how to describe it but I'll provide the picture down below. 

And since then, I went to the market quite a few times and been asking the fishmongers whether they do sell the salmon bones - but I always get the same answer 'Its too early my love to have the bones' and perhaps I never studied the pattern ( which day I went to the market or at what time ). 

so today I was trying my luck, or better said , whether its my rezeki - initially I went to the market to buy the squids / the prawn too but as I arrived there, its just absurdly expensive so I chanelled my attention to the fishes. 

*eyes on the fishes*

Small Sea bass for £2.75 each 'not a bad price' but its just way too pricey for a small fish I keep comparing it with Malaysian fishes ( padahal mahal gak kat Malaysia lol )  , 

Hmm what about the fat salmon fillets - NO I'm not looking at you guys anymore since last time I was happily choosing the fillets without doing the math and it turns out for like 3 fillets cost me around £12 I bet and awkwardly smiled , say 'no thank you, I changed my mind ' HA HA HA , 

and suddenly these bones caught my attention, sitting there at the corner with their heads ( I should buy the head - we could do kari kepala ikan huhu too late too slow to realize ) 

' what are those? Are they salmon bones?' 

he nodded his head. * suddenly there's this flying unicorns and rainbows haha* 

what makes me even happier, they're just £0.50 for that long salmon my life is so blessed in this barakah jumaat. 

Tak sia sia ceq gagahkan diri bangun dari katil dan bersemangat melangkah ke city. But since I know it'll be so hectic in Cardiff tomorrow, with the UEFA final going on, there will be like what thousands of people with so many closed roads, its today or never. 

I had a list to buy either, need to restock my dates since I finished mine already , get a kulit popiah since I am dying (no this is an exaggeration) to eat one decent popiah goreng - and some other stuff. I thought of getting a new purse , spending my gift card Ajlaa gave me - but with all the fishes and heavy bags, and the need of browsing stuff, fasting on top of it, I guess I'll better use it on line.

We're going to have a campak campak salmon grill tonight. There's button mushrooms, slices of onions and aubergines , carrots and potatoes , and I let the black peppers, mixed herbs, salts and the drizzle of oil to do the rest of the magic. 

ikan duyung ke tu dalam sinki haha

bed of onions , aubergine and what not and stuff them all in a casserole 

masak dengan baik tauuu :) ' update ; they smells so good now and there's another at least 4 hours to go '

Love, the'ann

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