long time no write

June 10, 2017

Its been three days ( longest gap ever ) I stopped writing yet there's so many things happened, like finally something is happening so its kinda okay to not be here isn't it. Its now 4.43 am in the morning and I just finished translating a biography . 

Translating biography 

Yes you read me well. A biography of an Islamic scholar, which my friend asked me a favour, like 9 pages or should I said segments of them. And it was really hard at the start and I initially said ' Let me look at them first ' and suddenly I was translating like four pages in hours ( and decided that I should just continue doing this ), and of course I did at many points contemplates over my decision 'Like why I am doing this again' while searching synonyms to 'successfully' grrr. 

Alhamdulillah my messed up biological clock used wisely this morning, I start back somewhere after 12.30 - break for a 15 minutes of sahur while watching random things on Youtube - then subuh - and now I am done with the translation. I should do more of these in the future yay or nay. 

in case you can't see that, its 2275 words , even more than what I did for my courseworks haha

Mirah went home sobs sobs 

Next, one of my usrahmates, and also my unofficial housemate Mirah just got back home yesterday. The house do feels empty now, usually we the upstairs people haha will call upon her name in her journey to the toilet, and yeah we're clingy like that ( flip hair ) . And suddenly there's only three of us the lame lawyers in making. Its like some pieces of the puzzles are missing and it might be harder for my housemate to deal with Mirah's leaving hence I hope Allah will give her strength.

Should I or should not?  

Next , I got an invitation email yesterday to cooperate with Zalora digital magazine publication - miaaaauu , and this marks the second one after the old 'TETIBA' shopping tips posts. I don't do much shopping now except for foods and foods so it feels a bit off to speak about matters concerning shopping or whatever related. ( nevertheless she spent her sleepless day yesterday on H&M and secured herself three scarves - I need them you see ) 

I'm still thinking whether I should or should not do it - I did have some thoughts of making money with my writing, like killing two birds with one stone - then bake one in the oven another one shall it be pigeon masak lemak , I wish to slaughter the naught seagulls which destroys bags of garbage in the backyard grrr. 

so would you mind giving me advises on this matter? 

Bundle of joy(books)

What's next. Hmm I bought bundles of joy ( read books ). I need to trace back the old me who reads books , and I envied people who talked with each other about books and there you are feeling hopeless like why aren't you reading any? I did, but that side of me deteriorated and here I am trying to save myself. Hence the first step, search for good books, ( basically I saw some of my friends discussed on a review on instagram hence I start from there, the first hand books are way too expensive hence why I searched for the second hands. Which sounds pretty decent for 2.79 bucks for a book. 

Cool isn't it. 

Lovely words from lovely people 

I got two lovely cards earlier, both from my adik adik usrah and they're so lovely but I am yet to reply for the second card. Satgi insyaAllah ceq respond to her. I am indeed so blessed with their existence. I always had the mindset that 94's doesn't goes well with the 95's , and school days were evident enough , but it turns out differently here, I don't know whether its me or that stigma are not relevant any more. 



Sahur routine 

Oh yeah few days ago I took pictures of my daily sahur routine , which I wished to make an update but I was too tired but lets put it all here hahahahhaha dumped everything I could . I will usually have these three things in the morning for sahur. I will finish a bottle of water in that pink bottle - and take two pieces of the black cumin seed, which also known as Habatus Sauda, the cure for all illness except for death. I took them somewhere in April I think, after I saw a friend of mine updated on her instagram story about her browsing for it, I remembered clearly that I was studying that time, and I thought that it might be a good idea to shop to ease the tense of studying ( HA HA HA ) hence I bought two of them for about 7 pounds. Good deal. Eheeee. 

lagi satu is kurma. 

When (unemployed) lawyers to be, met 

We had an iftar yesterday together, after planning for like what, three months to have pot luck ( la ) kari mamak pelbagai rasa la, but everyone's timing never matched and since we took different modules this year, we rarely got time to meet. The people whom I will treasure in my whole life, because they're so good people and we've been through thick and thin episodes of the law school. And three years are definitely merrier with them around me. 

missing Ajlaa. 

Half of Ramadhan passes

And nevertheless we're on the 15th of Ramadhan already and I am not sure whether I've make the best out of the best in Ramadhan. And the moon is full and shining bright which makes me amused with the Hijrah calendar, like you can tell its the middle of the month when the moon is full. Subhanallah. 

I guess that's it for now - so many things hehhh haha . I should sleep. 

Love, the'ann

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