Subtlest way of showing His Mercy

June 29, 2017

Not related to anyone - any events - just feel like jotting it down.

* * *

Upon any kind of heartbreaks I always tell myself 

'Perhaps this is the subtlest way of Him showing his sign and mercy' 

to save you from the wrong decision made, to save your from further drowning into an intertwined relationship, or perhaps to save you from the worst. Or just a mere sign that there's a need for you to reconsider, or rethink of something. 

just someone who finds joy in looking at balloon ( eh no let me be honest with ya, its me tryin' hard for candid pictures lol ) - 2016 , 22nd post-birthday party

Wasn't it one of your long overdue prayers , to be guided through any events of your life, to be refrained from making bad choices. And heartbreaks, may be the subtlest way of answering your prayers. 

Of course its not as easy as 'telling myself' and healed . 

Because often ( overtimes ) it leads to tears , and again I always tell myself its okay to do so, because at this point ( I mean before it gets complicated ) , its one individual choice to cry as much as they want, because that's one of the way of easing heartbreaks. And it will last perhaps for few days but eventually you'll get better and better through time. 

No matter how high the wall built inside you, even it seems sturdy after many years and many months of mending it and of all reminders and cautious steps you take, sometimes you may just accept that it will crash someday ( at least that's what I bear in mind ) and repeating the whole process again is normal either. 

Its the consequences you need to bear due to the steps you took. Its not a bad thing tho, its life and what you get in return of something.  It might be one of the wrong turn. Or it was never wrong to begin with, the route, its just not meant for you to take more steps further. 

Everyone else suffers too. Some suffers more than you do. Its just another day, you'll get through it.

Its His subtlest way of showing you His Mercy nor signs. 

And be proud because you're choosing to please Him more than anyone else. Be proud because even when tested, you put your highest hope and faith in Him, not moving any inch. 


  Love, the'ann

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