Life events as signs

June 15, 2017

I am kinda attached to my bed now that I refused to do anything else but 

despite that, this Najwa here walked to Cryws Road but the post office guy falls sick so the post office was closed sobs then we walked to Albany's Road post office as I need to return H&M stuff and sent some parcels , then stopped by at least three charity shops selling legit items , and last pit stop was Lidl to get some vegetables, aside from cabbage.

I wonder where I got those energy from. They are like so far from each other hahahahahaha. 

We had three days in a row of cabbage dish - kubis masak lemak, kubis goreng, kubis sayur campur ( campur apa je sayur yang ada dalam peti sejuk ) and last but not least popiah kubis carrot hahahhahah enuf of these never ending kubis and its fanciness. 

its the last 10th Ramadhan already and I wonder if I've used the time wisely with something beneficial. I was really taken aback yesterday when I was watching Puisi Sedih Al Kitab. I really love it  that I watched it twice, at first I don't really pay attention on the visuals ( I am always like that anyway ) . 

The story basically is about a woman ( Elizad, I love her acting ever since what that drama aigooo lupa ) , married her father's choice. It turns out that the man never loves her , agreeing to the marriage because of the parents choice , and he had many lovers. I think she hold grudge against her father , I guess she felt that her father was the reason why she's in pain tolerating the relationship with her husband. And suddenly she suffered cancer and later at some point she lost her father, a day after she expressed her anger to him, and felt that her life was unfairly treated. 

She expressed to her bestfriend that she did nothing wrong but why her life is so messed up. 

On the other hand there's this one guy, a medical student, doctor I bet, furthered his study in Ireland to be a specialist - cardiologist? Or not? and he's into his medical books and his housemate ( I guess initially the housemate was not a Muslim ) one day questioned him whether he had or had not read the Quran. At that time the guy ( should I name the guy as medic freak ) had a bad relationship with his wife as he never pays attention to the wife and eventually they got divorced. 

All in all, I grasped messages from the story. 

One, take life events as a sign. 

These two character , this guy and the woman met where the guy returned an old Qur'an belonged to the woman. The woman left the Qur'an back in her highschool / university, somebody took it and that somebody's brother took the Quran to Ireland.

Remember the housemate I told earlier? He embraced Islam and someday he met his medic freak housemate ( please say that this is making sense, I mean my writing haha ) and returned the Qur'an to him , having thought that it belongs to his housemate. 

The guy traced back the owner ( the woman ) and they meet , this is not a love mushy dovey love story anyway , but both the guy and the woman learnt many lessons from the event. 

The long lost Qur'an that returns back to its owner, they thought that there must be something Allah want to teach them. The guy once said that he tries very hard to cure many hearts ( jantung ) but barely takes care of his own ( heart as in hati? ) ( confusing language ever ) 

The guy said that once these events take place in your life, I mean with all the signs, one should never stay put and do nothing. They must take action, and he did, he continued his studies in Arabic language to have deeper understanding in Qur'an. 

And towards the end, some phrases caught my attention, ( not the actual wording ) but basically it says

Dalam ketaatan pun kita akan diuji 
Dalam kesesatan apatah lagi ( something like that ) 

Apart from that , the story delivers messages that we should be grateful, even when life hits you hard. I am no good in expressing each and every values the story taught me hence in case you're reading this, yes its one good telemovie , go and watch it ! 

Anyway, mari manfaatkan 10 Ramadhan yang terakhir , kejap je dah nak habis dah Ramadhan. 

Love, the'ann

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