Plan ahead of time

June 20, 2017

My biological clock is seriously messed up but I am totally fine with it because eventually I'll sleep somewhere around 7.00 am like that and bracing the blazing hot UK. Its really different compared to Malaysia, I mean Malaysia yes is scorching hot but its tolerable but here is just plain hot ( and dry ) . 

I have two fans in my room and I'm still sweating ( help me ) , nevertheless still able to sleep through the day, I must have built a resistance towards the heat mi-ha-ha 

So today I did (randomly) again asked an akhawat to stay over her place a day before my back for good. Now lets just hope she's around ameen ameeen. Aigooo need to save money 

All these while, I must be living in the clouds, surrounded by blue skies with all the rainbows and now starting to hit the ground with all the gravities pulling. 

On the other hand , acah sangat kan dia ni ambik gambar cenggitu? ha-hu-hi

and by the way yesterday we had a daurah for BFG , back for good , and that one session focused solely on financial planning. And I am so blessed and amused that even up to this point, IKRAM UKE offered such help, to give you some teasers, help you with some guidance on what to expect. I mean all these details usually done by individual research, but having such opportunity and someone with experience shared his knowledge , its a total blessing to me. 

For the past three years I've been doing the right formula , like setting aside all the money for rent, utillities and savings too. I did planned ahead usually the day when the allowance credited into the account. As time goes by I increased my savings ( but sometimes I over-estimates my monthly usage - so I reduced money from saving  and eventually I replace the money when we got the new allowance ) 

And as for savings wise, all these while what I did was just saving, setting aside more than 10% of my monthly allowance, and do nothing. I'm just making sure that its there , not touched , even I am so desperate I will tell myself, no you don't have the money no you don't. But in future, I need to take into account what to do with the savings , like where shall I channel those savings to, need to start thinking about the insurance part, ( there's so much work being an adult ) ( why everyone wants to be adult then ) 

ugh life. 

But yeah by any chance, I need to start thinking and actively seeking for job. Yeah I should. Pray for me. Does anyone mind telling me how I can make money through this blog. Some advise to do some product marketing but I am not into those. Nuffnang seems worthless, like nothing change in the amount collected. Its always, always 0.00 blergh.

Now that we just received the final allowance, I need to do extra saving. To wisely use everything we have in the house. Now that I have CLP in front of my eyes, life is definitely going to be tougher. Welcome to the reality. 

Nevermind, He brought you to, He will also brought you through , have faith Anis. 

ps Anis sounds nice now. Call me Anis guys. 

Love, the'ann

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