Pau sambal and lidl tour

June 22, 2017

So I cooked nasi lemak for iftar today, we're ran out of chicken now, hence we're living with whatever protein we had in the fridge. I put out the salmon this evening, hardly think of any decent menu - soup may smells too fishy ( literally ) , to fry those red meat ew its weird, then this sudden idea of salmon porridge , I might love it what about my housemates.

I went to Lidl to buy some of the necessities, basically there's like nothing at home, no onions, no chicken, low stock of rice, no eggs and no vegetables. And its not like you can get halal chicken at Lidl ( they should consider halal products to be honest ) ( I wish chickens are labelled suitable for vegetarians too haha )

And here's to some Lild tour , Lidl recently, no I mean months ago changed their layout, and have I told you that they make good breads, good doughnuts, scrumptious muffins and basically their bakery smells so good,

Here you go !

this smells so good each time. 

Kalau dekat Malaysia dia macam mini mydin? tapi tak jual fancy tudung or baju 

Vegetables section 

all the canned foods section , they got santan as well , lidl rice, 1 kg of them is like 40 pence. 

So I have decided, nasi lemak it is. Pau sambal was initially not in plan but I saw a friend of mine did those lovely pau last two days, even shared the recipe with me. 

So I did more research , as usual, for the easier step hi hi and for smaller portion , because most of the recipes shared for like 400-500g of flour ( that's way too much nak bagi makan satu Cathays ke ha-ha ) 

my nasi lemak today, with a low resolution camera haha 

I found one recipe in Tiffinbiru, I guess most of us who always looked up online for recipes might recognize the background of this Tiffinbiru blog. Check the recipe at Tiffinbiru, legit good !  Thank you che'mat - you've been easing my life for the past three years ! 

Now lets cook with me ! 

Pau sambal mudah ( ceh ) sedap ( dan senang ! ) / burger Malaysia?
I'm using like 1 1/2 of plain flour and I got 11 of the pau. 

Now you need a mangkuk kecil maybe , 

Mix 3 ingredients 

The three ingredients is 50 ml lukewarm water, I measure it using the pot beras ( pun boleh ) , roughly like what, 5-8 normal eating spoon of lukewarm water , make it 9 don't trust my logic guys hu-hu 

Next you put in Yeast , the recipe said it should be 1 1/4 camca teh yeast , but seriously why my house got no camca, so I put in like more than half of the spoon , they said, trust you instinct on the measurement haha. 

And next put in like 1/2 camca teh sugar - I put like hujung sudu gula eh? 

Next they said to put the mixture for rest, for about 5 minutes they said. 

until there's bubble ( a sign of reactive yeast huh? ) but I hardly see any bubbles for my first try so I throw them off the sink , the second time, there's not much bubble but considering that its my second mixture then okay lah lets proceed. 


So while waiting for that process of yeast activation take place, in other bowl , you prepare

1 1/2 cup of plain flour ( use the measuring cup , or if you don't have one fret not, use any cup you have at home, then use the same cup in entire measuring process ) 

1 spoon of fine sugar, here I am not really sure what sugar shall I use, I used icing sugar, but its different right than normal sugar, but it turns out fine , so so yeah ( menari sotong ) 

2 spoon of milk powder ( emergads milk powder is so so costly here , its like £8 for a tin of milk powder, hence I used whats in the shelves, I used the coffee creamer, I am not sure you guys know it or it, it seems legit tho as milk powder substitutes. ) 

1/4 camca teh of salt ( got no explanation for this, its JUST salt haha. ) 

Mix them well using a spoon, your hand, you decide. 

Then I put in 1 1/2 spoons of vegetable spread ( because that's the only thing I have in my fridge haha , some says you use margarine, but all seems fine heh? ) 

Again mix them well. Now it will look like flour crumps if they make sense? 

Now , lets mix these two ! 

Put in the bubbly yeast mixture into the flour mixture and mix them well

Its not done yet

You need to put more water, the recipe says its 100 ml water ( again I used the cawan ukur beras haha )  but it turns out to be a bit sticky when I put in like 80 ml of them ( because I need to re-add more flour while mixing them , maybe the flour I used initially was not really 1 1/2 ey? ) , so I bet , put them slowly, and around 50 ml , or 60 ml shall be just fine. 

In order to know whether the pau mixture is ready to be rested for a while or not , its when the dough does not stick to your hand neither the bowl. If they still sticks ( they can stick, a bit ), put in bits by bits flour.

now its time to rest the dough. 

You can try either way, one if to rest them in that big dough form, or put them in smaller size first . I put them in smaller sizes first, basically ceq tak sabar orangnya. 

For that 1 1/2 cup of plain flour, you shall get somewhere around 10-11 pau 

Why rest the dough? Not sure but it applies to all kind of bread , or no? But basically rest them for like what, 30 minutes or half an hour, they said the dough will multiple its size. But mine, err distorted I bet haha, I am not sure why/ But it still multiple its size but not as big as I thought

Meanwhile, in that one hour, do the sambal , since I cooked sambal tumis for nasi lemak today , I advise you to seek somewhere else on how to do sambal. I might share here someday because I make a decent sambal :p and I use my mom's recipe and I don't put in air asam jawa. 

I did the sambal earlier , and in that 1 hour I rested for a while , what a long hot day today. 

30 minutes before iftar, I smashed the dough ( some says its to make if softer haha ) and reshaped them in a pau shape and fry them. I use not so much oil even most says I need to wholly cover the pau, but here I am in a tight budget trying to save everything while I can haha

Fry them until they turned brownish - set them aside let them cool before you can cut it into half. But don't cut it through, biarkan ada tali persaudaraan yang tinggal atas pau atas dan pau bawah ahah 

Then take like a spoonful of sambal , don't be stingy and spread them in the middle of the pau and lastly put slices of thin cucumber. 

Voilaaaa ! ( penat pulak tulis ) 

this is before I make the smaller dough. The onions are for the sambal. the hotdog is for prathaza ( pizza pratha ) haha banyak kannnn masak lol 

My pau sambal heeeee ! 

Selamat mencubaaaa :D

Happy 27th Ramadhan anyway, lets now strive for the very best :D

Love, the'ann

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