December 10, 2012

Its just another day.

I told myself that I get drowned into emotion stuff like so fast.
I is sad because the reality says so. I partially hate my negative-sided .

FIX ME. * feel like singing Bob The Builder *

Senyum. Everything gonna be OK. It was me who jumped into a fast conclusion. And it actually ME who trying to hurt myself. Not others. Finger pointing to a person, four fingers point to you yourself. Stop blaming.

Not everyone live to live in the same boat as you. They hardly understand.

Sebab , untuk terpijak kaca di tengah jalan adalah benda yang mungkin berlaku . It will cause pains . No matter who create the pains, it happened in a journey call LIFE. Now it's the time for you to choose whether to " STOP & CRY " or " HEAL IT FAST & HEADING UP ".

I was like saying this phrase for times.

Noted. Read. Consumed.

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