Those days.

December 08, 2012

I wonder how it feels like being drift apart from the school years after  5 to 6 years in time. I haven't reached a year leaving uniforms  ( nearly to  ) but the heart ache saying I miss those days. Like so bad. There were people said, I'm too attached to "masa lalu" and am I so wrong to feel so?

i kept almost all tags I used to use those days. The reason why I keep that Trophy Ice-Cream thingy is because, I bought it at Times Square in year 2009 it cost me about o.o * eyes rolled*

one of the valuable things I kept. Outing cards. Like seriously? valuable ==' haha ignore .

I've been doing random reading through google. Blogs. Some sort of reading that might drive me back into that lane. The "Those Days" moment. One thing for sure, through my five years in high school nor in primary, I rarely capture pictures.   But I kept almost all stuff that people might consider as sampah as a memorable things in my wardrobe. Times to times, kalau rajin kemas, usha usha balik kad kad lama , all those craps I wrote. I miss that time. Big time.

Those days I entered debate. I don't know from where I got those courage. Starting from zero and now I was actually glad I'm in that team. Most of certificates , thanks to debate. Thanks to Selandar too. I guess the main reason why I stayed strong there because it's hard to find a new member. I mean the one who stay. That devoted their heart and souls towards this verbal war. I don't know if the language is something matters most.

Those days I was the school prefect. Yes, I might not be someone who chosen to be one, I volunteered myself to be one. I cried when my name was not announced that night : the night that the senior prefects calling up names . My name wasn't there.  I asked for it. I don't know how many people knew this. But yeah I am glad I asked for it. I knew people says bad stuff behind me on that moment. To be at the bench of Majlis Tertinggi 10/11 was something I never imagine. Its about people trust on our capability to lead. Thanks for relying those trust on us dear teachers.

Those days I grew up. From a girl who had her most terrible year during junior days. I cried like a lot. I never knew I would stand till the end. Graduated from that school which now stores most of my good days. I merely forget about my junior years ( sad moment OFF ).  Dealing with all those feelings. Love Hate Alone Stranded Friendship Friendzone Happy . Lots of things I've encountered and sengih sengih bila fikir balik : I am capable to deal with those days. Nice brains. Bravo Najwa. Haha. ------>

Those days I treasured friends. Friends in need. Friends that only need when certain situation occurs. Friend who talk behind you but they fake  themselves whenever you're around. At the end, you feel so glad that you meet those people those days. Ache by the name of friendship could be something normal because nobody is perfect. Ache. Learn. Live. Life goes around huh? Still seeking what is the meaning of friends. Its too wide yet precisely seek what is the best thing to illustrate what friend is all about.

Those days that make who I am today. Glad. Alhamdulillah.

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