December 12, 2012

Heyaaaa. Its a long time since I use tajuk-bahasa-melayu. Saya masih belum lupa daratan. Masih bernafas di Tanah Melayu. Glad I am Malaysian. Somehow. I am so that patriotic :) * I miss singing Negaraku T.T *

Talking about Inspirasi.

I have numbers of inspirations. Because each of them represent a part of my life. Inspiration that triggered me doing something when I feel that I'm not capable enough in doing that. Something that never leave me through hardship and good day. Something that inspired me to grab my dreams and make it into the reality. Something that giving me a clear vision about something when everything seems so blurry. Someone who believe in me, that I can do it.

For me, inspirations are important. Because from there I build my self-motivation.

You know, I can't even express how thankful I am to meet such a wonderful person through my days in life. Last night, I got a long distance phone call, its from my senior in London. Even by seeing the tweet location makes me feel like " Omaigaddd its london its london " . Thanks Abg Syafiq. In a way, you've solved the subject matter thingy. I'm am glad that I'm in the debate family. I got to know you and the seniors which most of them currently pursuing studies overseas. Now its me and aqmal's turn as the junior debaters : making A-level. To follow the steps. I wish you guys : Best Of Luck :)

My mom and my dad is one of my best inspiration. Because whenever I felt that something buggering inside my head and I feel like its hard to solve it or even express it into words, they'll eventually know how to solve it for me. When sometimes I don't need any solution, I just wanted to be heard, they'll be there. To be born in a very average family : to be a daughter to TWO wonderful human. It's a bless. Kan? They're the person whom I don't need to ask for prayers because there's always me inside their doa. Its nice kan to know someone mendoakan kita. Well somehow I always feel yang selama ni, kejaayaan demi kejayaan semuanya termakbul dari doa mereka. This is something beyond that I can measure. Thanks Allah.

Lots more people inspired my life. Like My Girlfriends. ( it's a long time since we had a very close moments meeting up , jaga diri ) , The person who exists Aikol <-- Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliah Of Law IIUM. He inspired me to be a great lawyer in future. There's his name inside my Mara essay back then. My Machinants. My siblings.

I say that : we don't need to pay to get a person to be inspired about.
Inspirations does not choose the person. You can even get inspirations from the trees. cats maybe. haha

 I wonder that does someone takes me as an inspiration? *lol bajet retis kemainn hah* * backhand sekali*

Yeahhh sep sikit :)

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