Two Thousand Twelve.

December 27, 2012

We're meeting 2013 in six days time. Six? Like seriously 300 days over. Which I proudly says : I wasted half of the year jadi bachelor terhormat di rumah. Mengasah bakat sebagai seorang suri rumah. And another half, they treat me well. Even more than I expected. Alhamdulillah.


I lost my dearest acik : May Allah bless your soul. Akak doing good here. 
I am no longer wearing uniform. High-school off.
I got more time to spend with my family after 5 years spending my time in Selandar. Balik ke pangkuan keluarga :)
I got to deal with emotion breakdown. Emotion distraction with my SPM result. 
I got to chase after my dreams. To become a lawyer. Started as a law student :)
I got to meet new friends. My surrounding become bigger. I deal with real life. 
I got to experience lots of things I never expect. Like getting JPA scholar , Alhamdulillah. Driving matter :S

I am more matured. * with some un-bearable emotions still like old days miahaha*  Than before. Making new day better than yesterday. I am. :)

Allah gantikan sesuatu dengan sesuatu. Allah hilangkan kesedihan dengan kegembiraan. He made my whole life organized for 18 years inhaling oxygen , spreading carbon dioxide for photosynthesis matter. Oh why in this world I am talking about processes T.T

I can say that 2012 turns me into a new me. Hardly admit I turn to good but in a way, I am. Certainly I am turning to the another way round. Balancing life. I realized that it's hard to actually live in a surrounding where you got to choose on your own, freely do anything you want, deciding what you wanna be. For now, I do feel : Live well or Live Hell. You choose. I choose. *nodded your head* 

Got to value the life lesson. Saying like no matter how you try. No matter how you eagerly wanted something. Everything happen dengan izin Allah. Kun Fayakun : Yassin akhirnya terkesan like so deep inside my heart. Rezeki is Rahsia Allah. I got to learn things like SPM is not everything but hell yeah its always something. People changed. Seeing Machinants growing up. Live well, anywhere sisters, brothers.

FAMILY. I always wanted to be a great daughter. A very good kakak for my adik adik. A helpful sister for my brother. I realized that I've loose many great moment like family bonding for five years. And now again I am away. But I am appreciating all those holidays I had, to give my very best. To give my best service. To touch-up the five years gone which I know, its impossible. Special dedicated to my siblings, you guys keep rocking anywhere we are. I just love you guys for accepting me as who I am :')

INTEC. A new place. With awesome people . Special dedicated to my law kids. *cam mak mak je gaya mu*, you guys rawkk :D I guess I babbled much on Cerita Semester 1 Intec. My sisters : Ainaa Mazelin. Ajlaa. Nurul Nasuha. We only got to know each other less than a year yet I feel so close to you guys. Maybe its true : Great people thinks alike . Great? We are :D. Can't wait for the second semester, but at the same time. Its scaraaayh to deal with Math *like again o.o Moga Allah permudah jalan tuntut ilmu. :)

I am glad to meet the people surrounds me everyday. Thankful. Bliss. Bless. I dont know how to show my deepest gratitude but what I can say is always Terima Kasih :)

I got no such things like a list that I wanted to do in 2012 maybe it is because, malas nak fikir, nak enjoy semedang. Habis SPM kottt.  But what I wish within the year to happen, alhamdulillah dengan izin Allah. Mission accomplished.

i'll make another entry just for pictures. *retiss ler tu* ahha

2013. I wish for a better me. In and Out. Ameeen. Allah bless. 

Senyum. Tak perlu kata apa apa. 

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