The clock ticks.

December 22, 2012

Wake up from a long dream. Questioning to myself : What I have done to myself as in preparing myself for hereafter matter.

The clocks keep ticking. Left me behind. Lost in a crystal clear world. Helpless. I am.

I live to be accepted by the society. To be pleased by the people surround me. And at the end, its only me. With nothing fills inside the heart. Rasa kosong. Sibuk sangat kejar dunia. Fact and it hurts me like so bad.

Sekarang. Action should be taken instead of just saying.

Ya Allah. Mudahkan jalan. Aku taknak lost. Aku nak kejar dua dua. I'm far astray. I know You know how I behave in real world. Its something that I keep to myself. Between you and me. Beri kesempatan. Mohon masih ada kesempatan.

I just want to change. Untuk jadi lebih baik. I've indicate the Baik for myself.

Kau pegang hati hati ini. Kau juga yang suluhkan cahaya dalam hati hati yang kau pegang. Aku mohon kekuatan. Dari dalam. Dari diri sendiri. Sebab aku tak mampu. Sebab aku mengaku aku tak kuat.

Aku nak hidup dalam redha. Aku nak mati dalam redha.

The clocks keep ticking. Wanted to be a new me.


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