Never loose hope. Its for whom who believe on miracles :)

December 15, 2012

Heyaaa. I've been scrolling down my blog. Erks. Haha. These days I've been using a veghhy veghhhy short tittle. Like who cares kan. So now I'm making the tittle even longer. Kejadahnya T.T

Having great time in the real world so I surely abandoned my social networks life. Which I believe the silence kills me every seconds the clock ticks. With some awkward laughter on dead social thingy. 9Gag ain't working for me. Kaitan? * tarik muka *

I accidentally read a blog regarding a person who live with HIV and I found that his posts were like so inspiring. But at the same time, every thing he post makes me reflect upon myself. If I feel like I'm having the biggest stress ever despite others, than I should think twice. Allah grant me a pink of health while others suffer. I salute him for his courage to give people education about HIV. How to change all negative perceptions.

Why do you think human perception might be a huge problem in life? Because we live in a society. Ada mata yang pandang. Ada telinga yang curi dengar. Ada jugak mulut yang berkata. Rumors spread. Resulting into discrimination. Simple question : If you're served a food from a HIV positive , would you eat? Majority says NO. Its a typical mindset yet somehow in a way, I would answer no too.

He makes me believe that Never Loose Hope. He can't be cured but to its the matter to keep living. He can't get married. Can't Get his own son. Dia nak pimpin tangan anak dia ke masjid. Tapi he knew that it won't happen. Ever. Tapi Allah kan dah tulis journey kita. What for regretting kan? Hikmah dia dapat HIV is, he started to be closer to Him. Mula bertatih ke masjid. Mula untuk merasa lebih dekat dengan Pencipta. See how a devastation news would turn someone to a miracle new person.

At the beginning stage of the HIV, He learn how to change but at the same time, its hard to deny yang susah nak tinggalkan zaman gelap. Sebab maksiat dah sebati dalam darah. You're doing Suruhan Allah and Larangan Allah secara selari and how would you expect yang Dia akan grant your wishes? Teruslah bermimpi hingga ke Zurah.

In one way , this miracle person making me realize. Just a thing that I need to keep to myself :')

Miracle bukan hanya berlaku dalam dunia Disney semata. Happy ending exist beneath everyone's name. Where? Here or Here After? You'll meet a happy wrap up.

So, for you who're reading this. Read the blog  :) ( click this )

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