What A Day :)

December 31, 2012

To make yourself a complete mess. I did .
To have lots of things to be settle down in a day. I do.
To feel a sense of relief . I just did.

So I've passed my JPJ test. Tell you what. *rasa nak jerit jerit tengah msdc* . Ya Allah alhamdulillah. For easing things for me. From the very start. Kau bekalkan aku kesabaran yang tinggi. I survived a day. Alhamdulillah. Praising to Him.

I am the one who decide to mash up things on the 31st of december. The only reason is : I don't want to interrupt my classes. Especially math classes. Oh please. Bila tengok jadual : There's math Isnin dengan Khamis okay. Test JPJ dekat msdc tu cuma buat Isnin Khamis je. Oh Oh. Ya Allah terima kasih yang tak terhingga :')

Even macam celaru pergi-balik-patah balik , a tiring day. A very tiring day. Pleased by the smooth flow.

Thanks for whom who count me in their dua's. The one who give me those spirits. The good advises. Appreciated.

Now seating in-front of the laptop. Hearing to musics. Done solat. Back to Shah Alam for more extreme days. Back to hectic but enjoyable life. Reformating back my sleep time. Oh Intec I misssh youhhh <3 7 WEEKS wehh passed by. Masa sprint habis. Semester 2, lets berkerjasama :D

semester dua.

oh bye bye L license :p

Wishing the best for two thousand thirteen. 

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