The one who loosen the spirit of others. Go and live in Venus.

December 17, 2012

OH OH, its my 100 th post. A new blog. I considered it as new. Some days I do miss my old-blogs. But yeah. I've decided to turn over a new leaf :D Never ever looking back.

Happy 100th post dear blog. *tiup candle atas cake*

So do you know where I always gather my ideas to write? Frankly said, most of the time the answer would be Facebook Stories and updates. Or even some tweet. And social-networks relate. 

I hate those people who intend to loose someone's spirit neither hope. If you know your intention hurts, don't talk at the very first place.

By the way. Subjects taught is school is just more than Nak-Dapat-Flying-Colours-SPM. Seek for knowledge. Its an obligation , or even the first thing taught to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w which is IQRAA'-bacalah. 

Those criticism wouldn't result into a phase that I'd praise the person for doing so, but eventually it will turn into hatred. Like so deep . Yes I might wake up from those dreams because of the typical-bad-mouth people : To prove that they're wrong. I hate criticism. 

You throw tantrums. I introduce you hatred.

Tak salah nak tegur. Tapi tegur cara berpada. Tak salah nak bercakap. Tapi bercakap ikut tempat. Jangan ikut sedap mulut. 

serious said.screw you.

aku malas nak layan orang macam kau.

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