Let past be past.

December 03, 2012

Orang kata , jangan hidup dalam kenangan. Don't live your life in past. it hurts? really?

YES IF you're be expecting the same things to be happening once again. Or even expecting a person to be whom s/he used to be before. Yes, as time passes by pictures remains the same but the people inside it change.

Why dont you just let past to be past? Memories remains as it is.

I once believe, expectations hurts. Hurts whenever you really want it but unfortunately, it won't happen. Is it considered unfortunate? I guess it would be nice if its considered as its not the the best to be granted to be reality. K terasa macam berbelit ayat ni.

I am lawyer. I'm good in words. Eh? Brag. Boo. Kaitan?

Learn to live in present. Which everyday is a gift. Try to tolerate and interact more to the society. Make more friends. You'll be facing many moments in life seeing people change and you're sad because only you remains the same? Huh? I said NO, because other people could say, You Also Change. See? We rarely look into ourselves. Orang kata apa, cakap orang je pandai, dia pun sama dua kali lima. Aite?

How you would expect a person to live the same. They got new life they faced. They also need to suit to their so called new life. Expectation on people behaviour would be a waste, I guess. Moreover on teenagers. Masing masing dah keras macam buluh, mana boleh nak lentur macam rebung kan? Oh sila angguk kepala.

Me myself found out that I hardly accept a new life. But no harm kan kalau mencuba?

Sebab takmungkin masa akan berlalu ke belakang. Keep walking.

Memories don't die. But some people die in their previous world. Reborn with different attitude in different world. They're not whom they used to be. 

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