Anniversary Ayah Ibu :)

January 20, 2013

23 years passed by. My brother is 21 by now. I am 19. My sister is 18. The trio-brothers 16, 12, 11 respectively :)

Happy Anniversary yang ke 23 Ayah Ibu. 20 January 1990 . 20 January 2013.

To both of you. Thanks for everything that I could never list. Through the years, I always wanted to be better. For not making any single regret for having me as your daughter . It had been years , I am the only child yang setakat ni , masuk 13 tahun dah tinggal jauh dengan family. Well to count the kilometres memang takde jauh mana but just by the kilometres , I had lost lots of family moments. After years , bila habis SPM , I tried to make the bond stronger because I know my journey won't stop there. Now here I am, doing A-level for overseas preparation. Another years would apart us. Tu belum masuk nanti tuntutan isteri ikut suami. Allahurabbi.  * k sempat kan berangan ayat-ayat cinta dekat sini :) * Thats why I dah tanamkan azam to appreciate every single moment I had whenever I am home. Making every chores selari dengan personaliti 19 tahun *ihiikk ihikk *

For now, I am making myself used to it :")

Twenty Three Years.
Raising Six Of Us. Its not easy I know. I know. But I know Allah ease it for you guys.
For each of things I've achieved. You guys were the pillars of my strength. For being there. For being here in my heart.
Couldn't make a list for numerous of your good deeds. Infinities of thanks.

To Allah. Terima Kasih for giving me such a wonderful family. Wonderful Ayah Ibu.


Showered them with Your Blessing. Make it easy for them. Live their life happily ever after. Let us be the reasons for them to enter the syurga firdaus. Because they had done uncountable great things that I can never repay. For each steps they took in life, bless them


1 <3 Ayah Ibu.

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