Kawan Yang Baik

January 19, 2013

I rush the adrenaline inside me to write something here. Maybe its because I got no idea on what movie to watch so I decided to write. Mih Mih Mih.

A good friend. Tell me how you define Kawan Yang Baik.

Because I  firmly believe in the freedom of speech thus I do believe there's another 359' possible answers for this. Simply because the world revolve 360' . 1 degree portray one perspective.

For me. How I define it after making numerous of reading. Exactly its not that " numerous " . K poyo. Just wondering on what factor you label someone as your Good Friend. There must be some clear reasons regarding that. Yeahh you dont easily point out to people, Hey You, You're my best friend *cengkerik moment inserted*

So its just a very short ramblings.

Kawan yang baik ialah kawan yang akan menjadi salah satu reason for us to apply heaven here after. I mean, bila dia akan menjadi reason, so dialah orang yang selalu mengajak kita ke arah kebaikan, dia yang selalu mengingatkan kita kalau kita lalai.

alhamdulillah :)

Trying to be kawan yang baik. Well after all this is how I define kawan yang baik. Saya nak jadi kawan yang baik. Nak kawan yang baik, kita kena jadi baik dulu. Qias Surah An-Nur, perempuan baik untuk lelaki baik. :)

Words spread.  :) Wisdom of saying.

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