Looking at the bright side.

January 04, 2013

Maybe its because I am repeating You and I Both Love contributing to the post tittle.

Well actually I am looking at the bright side. I am.

Because I know I should try before I say no. Again I can't help if the devil side of me turn me down.
Because I know, to love you should get to know. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. I guess assumptions overwhelmed me and affect the decision as well. Screw those " Tapi "


Persetankan segala benda yang buggering inside my head. I am just trying to breath lively here. I tend to merepek like over times. So who care. Its my blog.

  • How I wish Shah Alam menangis sekarang. And I've been wondering. Boleh tak nak balik Melaka? 
  • Oh if I get to buy snow. I'll fill up my room with all those snows. Play all around. Sleep with the negetive tempretures. 
  • Nanti kahwin nak buat simple je. Instead of makan all those costly foods, lets have keatiau goreng. Or laksa? Or mihun goreng with some fishballs? Air, make it ais kosong. 

WHY. SO. SERIOUS. even sebenarnya memang tak synchronize langsung points to points.

Its a long time since I had people who can bare and could follow up all my lame jokes. People who can actually sambung jokes tu jadi seronok gila. Oh miss those school time. Sebab masa sekolah je jumpa kawan kaki merapu ke laut.

What I do on weekends. Hm. I'm not going out this week I guess. It would always be sleep. Read. Study. Because I hardly watch movies. Ergh abcdefghijkls.

Adios. Aku ni membosankan . Aku tahu.

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