The idea of the Second Semester.

January 02, 2013

Assalamualaikum :) Just had some freaking cats hormone distraction on reviewing subjects for the second semester. Feel like licking cats fur. *dah kenapa wanita ni T.T *. Ngiaaaau ngiauuuu. I am scarayhh till the end. I am.

So I guess its better for to stop the reviewing thingy first. Because Its Is So So Erghhhhhh T.T I tell you its makes my eyes even bigger in diameter. And the mouth too. Jatuh rahang sampai ke lantai. K ni hiperbola . But naaaaaa, as always I hate my typical-first mindset. Y U NO POSITIVE NAJWA? O.O

I would like to share what I'm going to take for my second semester for this A-level Law.

A2 ( the full subject ) should be Mathematics and Statistic . English Language. Economics.
AS ( the partial subject ) should be History. And considering Psychology as well. Because by seeing the course outline for the history, my mind straightly ask for the second thought . My mind? Like seriously? Yes.

So ( I freaked myself by using So, So at the beginning of the sentences yucks. ) like again and again.

Today was my first class for the semester. Basically its a session of My Name Is- I am from - Dah kahwin ke belum? Erk. One good thing about intec is I rarely heard people who asked their teachers " Dah kahwin ke belum? *muka kasanova tahap sepuluh* ". Kau tengok bertapa gemilangnya mindset  manusia manusia di intec ni. ( Miahaha suddenly jadi macam Joyah Gossip ni kenapa ) Shoot me.

I got myself a checklist for my 2013. Oh its new year kan? Happy NEW YEAR BLOG sayang. And the readers if it happened to anyone who read this. ( kau bajet retisss pehal? ) Dui bu ci. Just my usage of words getting bad days by days. Blame all those novels. Miahahaha.

I wanted to be a better me. I couldn't list out on the blog how I define A BETTER ME. But currently I am doing what I've listed in my mind. I dont really write on the so-called-diary because I had no time. Eh bukan. 24 jam itu tidak cukup. Its just me yang malas nak cari pen and jot it down. Let it be here ( dalam otak )

So, before I get stress down for nothing. Its better for to just checked the ideas of the second semester like what I am gonna learn. On what subtopics I shall focus more. Yadaaa yada. So far, the new lecturers , I said okay for our very first meeting. Its a long day today. ( sampai pukul 3 je pun bising kemain ) BUT yeah we got 4 or 3 months to discover the chemistry between us. Aicewaaah. Aicewaaah. I'll sure give my best commitment in class. InsyaAllah. I hope so. 

Thought of having leisure time like in semester 1. All gone. Kau pun satu. Hidup nak senang je. Mana boleh =='

So ( again , I just can't help myself ) I'm gathering spirits for inner me. Telling myself that I can do it. Because there's a tweet come across my eye-sight from Prof Dr Muhayyah Omar. " Cakap benda benda yang positif pada diri sendiri, like Saya Boleh. Saya Pandai. Saya.... *list goes down* for 21 days. Then you'll see the difference " Oh yeah. So gonna do it from now onwards.

Saya pandai Mathemathics.
Saya seorang Wanita Solehah. Anak yang baik.

Saya seorang yang comel. Thanks for whom who realize the fact. Sepuk sekali nak?

Back to first idea on how I 'm gonna deal with my college life is always.

Belajar untuk seek redha Allah. Belajar kerana Allah. Seek His pleasure. Its ilmu. Ingat yang tak semua ada peluang to be paid for studies. You should be veghyy veghyy grateful. Determine. You can do it. Jyeaaaaah. with Allah blessing. 

Adios people. Doakan saya kuat. I am. InsyaAllah.

Verily, with hardship comes EASE [Al-Qur’an 94:5]requested by :
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remind me this. Always. 

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