Going Beyond The Limitation.

For the time being. The blog should not be publicized. Like anywhere. Because i had been spilling lots of emotional breakdown.

Now I am . Another day. Hurt. 

I've been going beyond the limitation. Well I know from the very beginning, I shall be following every single limitations I've made for myself. Again now. Another step taken , the step go beyond the line. And now wonderful hurt.  

And now. 

Bersangka baiklah Najwa. Untuk berubah untuk jadi apa, jadi siapa, sometimes at the middle of the path, you might fall. You might cry. The most important thing is you realized that something need to be mend. Supaya di masa depan tak jatuh di tempat yang sama. Tak nangis untuk reason yang sama. 

I've been facing things like this before. And yeah. Its always too avoid . Keeping a distance away. 

Yang sabar jadi manusia Najwa. Yang redha. Yang menerima. Yang respect even if you don't agree.

Jangan jadi manusia yang point fingers. Sebab satu kita tunding pada orang. Lagi 4 jari tunjuk diri sendiri. Jangan jadi manusia yang vivid-kan kesalahan orang. Sebab satu kelemahan orang yang kita tunjukkan, banyak kesalahan diri kita yang Allah tunjukkan pada orang lain :)

A distance away.

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