January 07, 2013

Well Assalamualaikum :) Ku Akui *I'm struck by the arrows of love : Suara Hafiz was like amazingly adorable kuasa lapan belas * yang daku sedang berjimba kerana merasakan bahawa semua assignment telah dilakukan :). @SBPStudents tweet that SBP student finding all the ways #AJL . Gahhh so sbp student maaaaan. Absolutely true. I mean by reminiscing the memories back in Selandar. 

Seronok pulak when you accidentally found something interesting when you do some sort activity called STALKING. Proudly says that I am good in that. Well I just hope I am good in my studies, at least sehebakk aku stalk. Mihmihmih. Miaahahahaha. Tak lawak najwa. Langsung. Okay brag sampai ke laut. Kau wajar dihidangkan dengan cicak masak asam pedas. By the way its a long time since I do blogwalking : once I deleted my previous blog and the account : I merely stop blog walking. 

I got this one habit. Where I depend on something like really bad. And I've been realizing it but just today I realized that : I am a way too much dependent to that thingy. Apakah? Adakah thingy itu sejenis manusia bernama pakwe? *eiuuu gross , finger cross -,-' * Or what? Or some more? K takpayah nak over sangat laaaaaa kan . Its A BALM. BALM : tahu balm apa tak? *soalan erkkk* 

I got this constant habit. Since when, I guess since I am in highschool. I never had any sorts so-called-migrain and mintak jauhh fuhh fuhhh ameeen. But I guess its because of fluuu that I had early in the morning when I woke up. And for certain reasons, kalau rasa macam loya *what kind of symptoms you had for years ni , but then, it rarely happen I tell you ** Here comes the Balm to help. Where I always had one inside my bag. My truly fast saviour. Miahahha. Because I really wanna a fast cure. If I can't get it to sooth my iarghhh moment, I'll tend to stress up and be like a complete monster . 

I haven't do any google search : My online doctors for this type of dependency. By the way, I am person who google on symptoms because first I hate clinics. The gross smell , So dengan phobia cenggini kau berangan nak jadi pharmacy dulu? Sila terjun ke Amazon. Second, I trust people experiences rather than the doktor. Kenapa? Because over times,I went for klinik kerajaan and the actually ain't helping me that much through my memories, like curing scars on my cheek, they gimme all sort of antibiotics with no cream? Or what now?At least you should gimme something that I can apply it on my skin. Even there's un-fortunate day I had a terrible stomach ache after my SPM days , they even curse me with RM 90 ++ *Its my aunt paying miahhaa * , Am I doing some sort of illegal abortion here? Because I learn economics, I guess I just had an assymetric information moment there. OH SORRY DOCTORS, lawyer to be macam aku ni memang mulut sampah sikit, cakap ikut suka hati sendiri. Gahhh its my blog. No offense. I guess I can make one post hatred on this. Ohh Oh.. panjang pulak tiba part ni. I got this Iatrophobia <-- fears meeting doctors. Or even dentist. 


Oh I had this kind of face. Meeting doctors. Itu pun berangan nak kahwin dengan doctor T.T

Well I guess. Macam drug addict pulak. Now I am lessen'ing my dependency on the BALM.
Trying to be more realistic. More likely having a good healthy lifestyle. Oh yeah still practicing :)

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